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Hey guys, I’m Dev, and if Disney wants to release ‘Infinity War’ a week earlier, more power to them! Literally, more power to Disney, Because who’s more powerful than the House of Mouse? Between ‘Star Wars’ and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they’ve practically got a monopoly on the Summer blockbuster season, And the moves they make impact every other studio in Hollywood, the ones they don’t own yet, anyway Seven little days might not seem like a lot, but when there are billions upon billions of dollars at stake, a tiny shift in scheduling has a huge impact

It’s a complex game of chess, and Disney is playing to win Checkmate Cheating bitch So today, let’s see if we can figure out Why Disney Really Moved Up Infinity War Because it’s not just one movie that’s affected, it’s Hollywood’s entire summer lineup

The blockbuster season traditionally kicks off the first week of May, which is why Marvel staked out the 4th for ‘Infinity War’ all the way back in October, 2014 All the other studios built their schedule around Marvel’s, and now that they’ve thrown a wrench in the works, everyone is scrambling to adjust ‘Rampage’ just got moved up to April 13th, giving the Rock some more time to electrify the box office, before Thanos and the whole MCU go one on one with the Great One Now, Dwayne Johnson denies that’s the reason, The fact that Tony Stark and his Avengers moved their movie up a week had nothing to do with this We just didn't want to give away any of our spoilers

But either way, now that ‘Infinity War’ is dropping on April 27th, it has basically three uncontested weeks of domination before ‘Deadpool 2’ comes out on May 18, 14 days earlier than its original June 1 release date Then, the very next week, Disney is unleashing ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story,’ and honestly, I’m kind of impressed With all the schedule shuffling going on, the only movie keeping its original release date is the kinda wobbly production that swapped directors 75 percent of the way through Maybe that’s because, as far as scheduling and strategy are concerned, ‘Solo’ is The Key to Summer 2018 What's that? We’ve already done two videos on the problems surrounding ‘Solo,’ I didn’t host them because I still have tons of hope for it

But I will admit the whole situation is messy It's worse There’s a lot of negative buzz around the movie, and the other studios smell blood in the water That’s probably why Fox pushed ‘Deadpool’ so it would come out before ‘Solo’ Done already? That was unrealistically fast

Okay! Hit it! In the original plan, you’d only get the chance to see ‘Deadpool’ after both ‘Infinity War’ and ‘Solo’ With all that competition, not to mention pricey movie tickets, the audience might get burned out and decide to wait for the Blu-ray Remember, the first ‘Deadpool’ opened in February, which has traditionally been a dumping ground where bad movies go to flop Today, not so much, thanks to 'Black Panther,' but back in 2016, ‘Gods of Egypt’ was the closest thing to a blockbuster ‘Deadpool’ was up against A live-action Yu-Gi-Oh commercil

It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-DUEL! Looked great! The Merc with the Mouth was a smash hit, becoming the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever, Dad? and giving Fox the confidence to beat Han and Chewie to the box office for the sequel, and cut off some of ‘Infinity War’s’ momentum at the same time I feel like Disney and Fox are having their 'Drake and Josh' moment, where someone's marries someone's mom, or their dad, and now they've got two brothers who are going at eachother and cutting eachother's release dates off and cutting into their money As brothers do But deep down, do they secretly love each other? Yeah, of course, of course Disney doesn’t seem that confident in Solo’s success either, and if it bombs critically and commercially

it’s not gonna look good for the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, especially after the mixed reception to ‘The Last Jedi’ If ‘Solo’ is a misfire, Disney is gonna want to pad their ‘Infinity War’ earnings as much as possible, to make up for the potential underperformance of the Star Wars Story By moving ‘Avengers’ up, they basically bought themselves another week of uncontested box office glory

Disney wants to keep the ‘can’t-miss’ narrative going Remember, this is Hollywood we’re talking about The entire industry is obsessed with image, and Disney doesn’t like to be embarrassed Once again, I’m still hopeful that ‘Solo’ will be great, but I don’t have the same confidence that I have with ‘Infinity War’ which is almost guaranteed to be a hit

Changing the release date gives it more breathing room to shatter records and drink in all that good press That’s (probably) why they moved it up, but that still leaves the question: Why Does It Matter? I mean, Disney and Fox just merged, right? Why would they mess up each other’s success, when they’re basically the same company now? Well, it’s not a done deal yet, Between the federal government, Hey, hey, kids! Now that the feds are calling the shots, this show's gotta be a lot more cost-effective! internal issues, and an unsteady marketplace, any number of things could tank the merger before it becomes official, and Cyclops shakes hands with Captain America on the big screen Remember, Fox still has shareholders, and the company is legally obligated to maximize their profits, merger or not Besides, even if the merger is a sure thing, They want to be as valuable as possible when Bob Iger cuts that check As for Disney, they’ve got scheduling down to a science

They just announced the release dates for the next four years of Marvel movies, seven in total stretching all the way to 2022 It’s a big dog move You know what I'm talking about, I take no prisoners, I go hard doing this shit Big dog, big nuts Disney’s basically saying: ‘Were calling these dates right now

Do you really wanna mess with the MCU? Be our guest, mother lovers Try it" They’re stacking the deck in their favor, and I wouldn’t be surprised if more movies took the ‘Annihilation’ route in the future Paramount, like a lot of traditional studios, is struggling to stay relevant in the wake of the Disney destroyer, and they had serious doubts about their unknown, weird sci-fi movie So instead of releasing it in theaters worldwide, they struck a deal with Netflix to dump it straight to streaming everywhere but America and China

If Disney is the big dog, every other studio is basically pizza rat, I knew the neighborhood would provide! Fighting over scraps off the subway floor just to stay alive It’s not ideal, but it’s smart, in theaters, ‘Annihilation’ only made back about half of its $40 million budget so far, but Netflix probably paid way more than that for the rights I mean, Jesus Christ, they blew $100 million on ‘Bright’ And I dunno what to say about 'Bright' I'm not saying anything about 'Bright' They might not have that kind of money to throw around for long, though, because Disney’s about to unleash their own on-demand platform next year Between the Marvel and ‘Star Wars’ exclusives, not to mention the original content and over 500 films in the vault, Disney could conquer the world of streaming the same way they did theatres

The metrics and the math are a lot different, but the end goal is the same as always: Disney domination We’re going to have to wait and see whether the big D can destroy the big Red, just like only time will tell if their big ‘Avengers’ gambit pays off One thing is for certain, though From cinemas to streaming, the world of Hollywood is a billion-dollar game of chess, and Disney is a certified grandmaster CTA Hey guys, thanks for watching, I want to know, Are you guys gonna go see all these movies in theaters? Excitement aside, which ones are getting your hard earned money? Or are you just gonna use your MoviePass and see them all? Leave a comment, let me know, And as always, please subscribe to NTN

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