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Hi everyone, I’m Moose, and I remember when radiation was all it took to make horrifying mutants These days, splicing genes has replaced splitting atoms as sci-fi’s go-to boogeyman, and that hits a lot closer to home

Genetic engineering is one of the fastest growing fields in science, but what if we’ve been so preoccupied with whether or not we could, we never stopped to think if we should? What if all those super jacked cows and glow-in-the-dark mice rise up against us? Well, in the movies, we know The Rock is always willing to layeth the smacketh down on some rampaging genetic freaks, but let’s cut the People’s champ a break, he’s a pretty busy guy Wake up, every morning, 5:00 AM! Clanging and banging in the gym! So if you’re knee-deep in DNA trying to make Ligers a reality, one look at these cautionary tales of fictional genetic fiddling should make you stop and wonder: What Could Go Wrong With Altering Animals? Now, we’ve been messing around with genes for thousands of years, since before we even knew what they were Selective breeding gave us big yellow bananas, seedless grapes, and adorable little squishy faced dogs that would never survive natural selection And now that we’ve developed more direct methods of gene editing like CRISPR, Are you familiar with CRISPR? Yeah, genetic engineering Uh, it's more like genetic editing it feels like we’re one step away from Sharktopi and Killer Tomatoes

Vicious, man-eating tomatoes grow to monstrous proportions! Tomato! In the real world, when genetic modification goes awry, the worst that happens is a non-viable embryo, or out-of-control cancer But on the big screen, the consequences are a little more cinematic, and a lot more catastrophic Even if you’re a big, brainy scientist with good intentions, you can still end up with Terrifying Test Subjects It’s an unfortunate fact of life that science relies on animal testing, but it’s not like we have to deal with armies of super-smart mice and fruit flies What are we going to do tomorrow night? The same thing we do every night, Pinky Try to take over the world! Still, it’s not something to be proud of, which is how this trope developed in the first place

HG Wells wrote ‘The Island of Dr Moreau’ in 1896 as a protest of the cruelty science was inflicting on animals In the book, the titular doctor creates humanoid hybrids through tortuous surgery, SURGERY

but adaptations, like the disastrous 1996 film starring Marlon Brando, usually explore the modern morality of genetic experimentation Moreau’s beast-folk reject humanity and murder their creator, THE LAW!!! and considering he had no real goals besides ‘wouldn’t it be cool if I could turn a goat into Ron Perlman?’ I’m not shedding any tears for him, or his weird little doppelganger Most movies provide a better motive, like in the 2009 horror film ‘Splice,’ where some scientists trying to revolutionize medicine create a human-animal hybrid named Dren The CEO is less than impressed with the results, but Dren’s constantly evolving physiology makes her irresistible to her creators Literally

If you were grossed out by the idea of fishy sex in ‘The Shape of Water,’ just wait ‘til you see ‘Splice’ [SHUDDER] In ‘Deep Blue Sea,’ scientists in search of a cure for Alzheimer’s create super-intelligent sharks, which makes you wonder who really needs the brain upgrade Sharks are scary enough when they’re broken rubber models named after your lawyer, let alone smart enough to swim… BACKWARDS That's the whole thing in the movie, it's like 'Oh my God, they can swim BACKWARDS!' That's impossible, sharks do not swim backwards! They can't! They've learned how to swim backwards, we're all screwed! They even get the drop on Samuel L Jackson when he least expects it, right in the middle of his big inspirational speech We're gonna seal off this room– The new ‘Planet of the Apes’ trilogy also revolves around Alzheimer’s research James Franco whips up a cure for his dad John Lithgow, and indirectly ends humanity’s stint as the dominant life-form on earth

We had a great run, guys God damn you! God damn you all to Hell! Ha ha ha The brain gas uplifted the apes into an army of precocious, pissed-off primates, and if they don’t kill you, the mutated super-flu will, so maybe let’s leave the simians alone for a while? We turned the Rock’s albino buddy into a hulking war machine, and that was an accident It’s an even worse idea to create Scruffy Soldiers on purpose ‘Jurassic Park’ might be the poster child for genetic engineering gone awry, but at least InGen wasn’t breeding dinos to become weapons, they just wanted some fun, authentic theme park attractions

Really spectacular, spared no expense Absolutely spectacular design, spared no expense! Some spliced-in frog DNA spoiled all the fun and let life, well… Life, ah, finds a way and instead of learning a lesson, they doubled down in ‘Jurassic World

’ The ‘Indominus Rex’ is a hybrid of at least a dozen creatures On the surface, it’s to provide a badass new attraction for jaded millenials who don’t appreciate the classics, but secretly, it was all part of Henry Wu’s plan to weaponize his creations and sell them to the highest bidder The killer chimera was no match for mother nature, or Bryce Dallas Howard in heels Wu escaped some with some more hybrid embryos, but we’ll have to wait for the sequel to find up what he’s planning Maybe he’s been headhunted by the Umbrella Corporation, After all, the ‘Resident Evil’ baddies built their brand on playing God

They created the lizard-like Hunters, giant spiders and snakes, and monster dogs engineered to crash through windows and scare the shit out of you Bio-Organic Weapons run amok make perfect video game villains, after all, that’s where ‘Rampage’ comes from, although in the arcade classic, the monsters are originally humans And when you die, they just kinda shrink down, get completely naked, which I'm not gonna do, and just kinda do this Plenty of other modified mutants has followed in George, Lizzie, and Ralph’s giant footsteps, and become more than just cannon fodder There’s the ‘Ultimate Life Form, Shadow the Hedgehog, A hedgehog spliced with alien DNA

No Chaos Emerald is safe from his rollerblades and rocking arsenal, but the real damage was done to the respectability of the Sonic franchise, a sentence I can’t believe I just said with a straight face I am a grown-ass man CHAOS CONTROL! My favorite example of genomes gone wild in games is Mewtwo, a Pokemon modified from the ultra-rare Mew We dreamed of creating the world's stronger Pokemon, and we succeeded! This psychic, telekinetic death machine threatened total destruction of the Kanto region, but even worse, maybe the worst consequence in this whole video, he made Pikachu cry CHU!!! Pika pika

Pika pi He's so pure, he's very special, there's something special about that little Pokemon PIKA! Sometimes, when you mess with an animal’s DNA, you wind up with something smarter than you

Sometimes you end up with a hideous chimera And sometimes, you just get some Big Ol’ Beasts Guillermo del Toro is no stranger to giant monsters, although he didn’t start out with colossal kaiju In his first American film, ‘Mimic,’ cockroaches are spreading a deadly disease throughout New York City An entomologist creates a variant called the Judas breed, which kills off the cockroach carriers They tried to pull a John Hammond by only breeding females, but three years later, they’ve evolved the equivalent of ten thousand generations, resulting in a six foot tall roach that can impersonate a human being and comes straight out of my worst nightmares

Bugs and creepy crawlies are bad enough, but even the cuddliest critters are at risk of turning into towering terrors Like in ‘Night of the Lepus,’ a 1972 movie starring Janet Leigh and just one Rory Calhoun Now, you might think those are normal-sized rabbits hopping on miniatures with ketchup on their whiskers, but thanks to a special serum, those are actually some humongous hares, Amanda! Daddy! and when those big-ass bunnies go on the blitz, they damn near take out an entire town Now, not all giant animals are evil or dangerous, Sometimes they can be just as docile as their domesticated counterparts Just look at Ojka, the spliced-up Super Pig from the heartwarming Korean film becomes best friends with a little girl named Mija

Now, these bad boys could do some serious damage if they ever realized how giant and genetically superior they are, but they suffer the same tragic fate as smaller swine Now if you want to talk giant beasts that have it all, smarts, strength, and size, look no further than ‘Rampage’ The Rock plays an animal trainer who shares a bond with George, a super-smart albino gorilla he raised from birth After a mysterious object falls from the sky and mutates him into a mammoth monster, it’s up to the Rock to soothe the savage beast and help him take down the other two abominations tearing their way through America’s heartland Lizzie, the colossal crocodile hybrid, and Ralph, the… Whatever the hell he is

Oh, you didn't know about the 30-foot wolf? That’s the thing with genetic engineering, or at least the onscreen version It’s unnatural, immoral, and a lot of innocent people end up as dinner But if you still want to persist in playing God, just remember: It’s all fun and games until a giant flying squirrel-wolf smashes through a skyscraper Of course the wolf flies HEY EVERYONE THANKS FOR WATCHING! CHECK OUT OUR OTHER WHAT COULD GO WRONGS


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