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Hey guys, I’m Dev and I think it’s time to rock ‘Ragnarok,’ that is

It’s been a long time since the first ‘Thor’ movie, and all those tongue-twisting Norse names can be tough to keep straight, So we put together a Thor Timeline to help you catch up before ‘Ragnarok’ blows you away We’ll begin in Ancient Times Asgardians aren’t gods, at least, not what you and I would consider gods They’re these humanoid aliens who have mastered science to the point where it’s indistinguishable from magic It's magic

For countless millennia, they live in an outer-space paradise called Asgard, one of the nine realms connected by Yggdrasil, the World Tree YEEG-drasil Yeeg, dri– Okay, like Guard-a-Seal The first major Asgardian war takes place in 2998 BC

Is that Before Cap? Should we say Before Cap? That’s when an evil elf named Malekith tries to plunge the universe into eternal darkness Every 5,000 years, the barriers between realms weaken in an event called the Convergence It’s the perfect opportunity to release the Aether, Which might seem like a viscous red liquid, but it’s actually the ultra powerful Reality Stone Malekith is stopped by an early Asgardian king named Bor With a buh

He kicks some elven ass, then hides the Aether away where it can’t be found Later, Bor’s son Odin succeeds him as king and ushers in a new era of peace Around this time, the Asgardians make their existence known on Earth, AKA

Midgard, where the local population worships them as gods All that peacefulness ends in 965 AD, When Frost Giants from the realm of Jotunheim invade Midgard The Asgardian army repels the Giants, and Odin himself beats their king Laufey in one-on-one combat

Odin seizes the source of the Giant’s ice magic and takes Laufey’s child to raise as his own, a little demon boy named Loki He was raised alongside Odin’s biological son, the mighty Thor, With a "th" Whose first movie takes place in 2010 Just before he’s formally coronated as the heir to his father’s throne, Thor arrogantly reignites the cold war with the Frost Giants Cold

War Odin is furious He strips Thor of his powers and banishes him to Earth to prove himself worthy Nooo! Meanwhile, Loki is back in Asgard up to all kinds of bullshit, and after Odin goes into hibernation, he winds up as King Loki’s endgame is to wipe out the Giants once and for all, so he can get the glory as the king who ended the war for good He also sends a giant robot to New Mexico to squish his older brother

Will those two ever get along? Probably later in this video Okay Is that when they team up in the 'Thor' trailer? In a selfless act that makes him worthy to hold Mjolnir again, Thor sacrifices himself to save his friends from the Destroyer The Thunder God defeats Loki, who falls into a black hole that conveniently dumps him right at the feet of Thanos The Mad Titan hooks him up with an army of Chitauri soldiers and a brainwashing scepter powered by the Mind Stone

He offers Loki the chance to rule Earth in exchange for retrieving the Tesseract, Which is yet another Asgardian relic that houses an Infinity Stone Knowing a good deal when he sees one, Loki invades in 2012, kicking off the first ‘Avengers’ movie He uses the sceptre to turn Hulk against the Avengers, and while they’re distracted, Loki traps Thor and kills Agent Coulson right in front of him He gets better, though because spin-off! Welcome to Level 7 We’re never doing an Agents of SHIELD video are we? Don't hold your breath, brother

The Avengers assemble in New York to battle Loki, thousands of Chitauri, and their worms I'm bringing the party to you I don't see how that's a party Thor charges his hammer with the Chrysler Building and wrecks most of the aliens One of Thor’s top 3 moments in the MCU, next to knocking the Hulk’s jaw off and

what else has he done? Got dumped by Natalie Portman While Thor does that, Hulk gets the honor of defeating Loki That's the whole "puny god" scene

After the battle, Thor grabs his brother and beams back to Asgard with the Tesseract Once he’s home, he helps fight off invading Marauders at the beginning of ‘Thor: The Dark World,’ which takes place in 2013 Back on Earth, Thor’s love interest Jane Foster discovers some strange portals in an old London warehouse I'm already checked out! You're fine with a buncha aliens that dress like vikings Frost giants Elves

Mind controlling Gems It's the convenience of the story Whatever One of the portals sucks Natalie Portman into the Dark World, where a strange red substance infests her body Thor takes her to Asgard, where Odin recognizes it as the Aether, the same Infinity Stone used by Malekith 5,000 years earlier With another Convergence just around the corner, convenient, The Dark Elf awakens with a plan to rip the Aether from Jane’s body and unleash it on the Nine Realms

While the Asgardians are distracted by a riot in their dungeons, His fleet pierces their defenses and sacks the realm Thor’s mother Frigga defeats Malekith in a swordfight, Yippee-ki-yay Mother Frigga But he escapes after his henchman Kurse fatally stabs her RIP, Mother Frigga Thor, Loki and friends teleport Jane to the Elf homeworld, where they set an unsuccessful trap for Malekith

That's the whole thing where they slice off Thor's hand, but it's all an illusion Oh, yeah So Loki “dies” taking out Kurse, and Malekith absorbs the Aether

Then, Thor and Jane chase him back to Earth for the final battle It takes them through dozens of portals and different worlds Okay, I really liked this fight It reminds of like, the ending of 'Jumper' It's hard to get portal fights wrong

They're always really good Cause you think they're about to hit the ground, then they go poof Now you're thinking with portals! Finally, Thor wins the day after dropping Malekith’s spaceship right on his head Going back up to Asgard, Thor tells his father that he’s not ready to be king, Which suits him just fine, since it’s actually Loki impersonating Odin Sif and Volstagg drop the Aether off with the Collector, That's very wise

And the God of Thunder heads back to Midgard to focus on his relationship with Jane Which breaks up between these two movies, right? Three in the morning, instead of sending a text he just sends the hammer through her door "Thou up?" He joins back up with his Avenger buddies for ‘Age of Ultron’ in 2015 Thor and the team retrieve Loki’s scepter from a HYDRA base in Sokovia, Where Baron von Strucker was using it to experiment on the Maximoff twins, Pietro and Wanda The Avengers are celebrating their victory at a party when Tony Stark’s creation Ultron attacks and steals the scepter

During their pursuit, Wanda uses her powers to force disturbing hallucinations on the Avengers Take special care, I doubt a human can keep her at bay Fortunately, I am mighty Thor sees a ghostly vision of Asgard, where his former friends blame him for their deaths Later, when the Avengers are chilling at Hawkeye’s cabin, Thor heads to some hot springs for rest, relaxation, and more MCU foreshadowing

Later, he uses his lightning to bring Vision to life, And inspire his cool outfit He’s a little shocked to learn that a newborn synthezoid is worthy of holding Mjolnir, But he’s supportive of his fellow cape enthusiast It's terribly well balanced Well, if there's to much weight, you lose power in the swing When Ultron threatens to drop a city on Earth, as all good villains do, Thor and Iron Man vaporize it before it hits the ground

With the day saved, Thor says goodbye to his fellow action figures, Just in time to avoid the great Civil War of 2016 Thor was just chilling in Australia with his buddy Darryl Not even a visit from Bruce Banner could convince him to pick a side, Though he does offer advice to Cap and Iron Man through electronic letters Dear Tony Stark, how's it going? I heard you and Captain America were having relationship problems He also makes significant progress unfolding the mystery of the Infinity Stones

Later that year, he returns to America in search of Dr Strange, Who agrees to help him find the missing Odin Family drama, that kind of thing Allow me to help you And that, folks, is the last we see of Thor until 2017, When he returns with a spiffy new haircut to take on Hela, the Goddess of Death

She may be the toughest opponent he’s ever faced, Effortlessly crushing the mighty Mjolnir This is not possible Darling, you have no idea what's possible She banishes Thor to the distant planet of Sakaar, Where he faces an old friend from work in deadly gladiator combat So much has happened since I last saw you! I lost my hammer, like, yesterday, so that's pretty fresh

Will Thor escape the Grandmaster’s gauntlet? Can he return to Asgard in time to save his people? Is he mighty enough to defeat Death herself? Right now, all we can say is: Let the games begin

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