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Hey guys I’m Dev and this season of ‘Rick and Morty’ feels kinda different from the first two There’s a lot more exploration of the Smith family’s relationship and Ricks twisted psyche

I'm a scientist Because I invent, create, transform and destroy for a living, and if I see something I don't like in the world I change it But one thing definitely hasn’t changed: Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon are still cramming obscure references into nearly every frame of the show The ‘Rick and Morty’ crew love to reach deep into the catalogue of cult cinema, and they’ve shouted out a ton of weird old classics that are definitely worth your time Hey, you guys ever use that Thunderdome or did you just put it up for decoration? So if you’re looking for something to fill your week between episodes, we’ve got some Rick and Morty: Reference Recommendations for you

Let’s start with Zardoz In ‘Raising Gazorpazorp,’ Rick and Summer find themselves on a planet ruled by a society of warrior women Obviously, Summer, it appears the lower tier of this society is being manipulated with sex and advanced technology by the superior ruling class They’ve moved beyond traditional means of reproduction, so instead they fly around in a giant floating stone head and drop sex robots for the male population to mate with The whole thing is a reference to ‘Zardoz,’ one of the weirdest, trippiest ‘70s movies you’ll ever see: I hate all women! Birth! Fertility! Superstition! The movie takes place in 2293, where humanity has been divided into two classes: The savage Brutals and the immortal Eternals

The Brutals worship a god called Zardoz, who appears to them as a giant floating stone head He’s a little more eloquent than his ‘Rick and Morty’ counterpart YEAH BABY Zardoz likes to give soliloquies about penises instead: PENIS IS EVIL THE PENIS SHOOTS SEEDS

AND MAKES NEW LIFE TO POISON THE EARTH WITH A PLAGUE OF MEN Seriously, everyone in this movie is obsessed with dongs Nobody could quite determine how this becomes this Of course we all know the physical process involved More specifically, Sean Connery’s dong And can you blame them? Check out his outfit I know the second I’m stuck in an apocalyptic wasteland, I’m throwing on a diaper and growing a ponytail I think Dan Harmon has to be the ‘Zardoz’ fan at the office, since he dressed up Star-Burns in Connery’s costume for an episode of ‘Community

’ Honestly, explaining more of the plot would just spoil how baffling and weird this movie is But that’s why we love it It’s easily one of the best bad movies ever made, so you should check it out if you’re a fan of cinematic Titanics Up next, we’ve got the works of David Cronenberg In ‘Rick Potion #9,’ Rick whips up a serum that makes Morty’s crush Jessica fall in love with him

It works a little too well, though Morty! He's mine! Get him! The entire town falls in love with Morty, and, long story short, their antidote mutates the entire population of Earth into formless blobs of flesh and teeth that Rick calls “Cronenbergs” Boy, Morty, I really Cronenberged the world up, didn't I? Instead of referencing a specific movie, this one is a tribute to the entire filmography of Canadian director David Cronenberg He’s one of the innovators of a sub-genre called “body horror” Most Cronenberg films are full of revolting body transformations, brought to life by disgusting makeup and dripping, gooey animatronics

Whether it’s caused by parasites, disease, hallucinations, f*cked-up TV signals, or good old mad science, Cronenberg uses the human body as a canvas for grotesque and gory metamorphosis He’s done a ton of body horror films over his career, but the best entry point is probably ‘The Fly’ It stars Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum at his absolute sexiest His DNA gets fused with a fly after one slips into the teleportation pod he invented At first, it almost feels like a superhero origin

Flyboy gets super strength, he can crawl up walls, and his sex drive goes through the roof But as the movie goes on, he devolves into a disgusting monster His hair falls out, his skin melts off, and he even loses the ability to digest food Although he can chew up solid food, he can't digest it Solid food hurt

So, like a fly, Brundlefly breaks down food with a corrosive enzyme By the end, he’s a full-blown animatronic fly creature, But for me the grossest part is when he pulls off his fingernails It just touches a real, sickening fear we all have deep down, kinda like that episode of 'Spongebob' where Squidward drops a couch on his foot and he stretches out his toe Somehow it’s more disturbing than an inside-out baboon Now, if you’re ready for some real heady shit, there’s plenty of other awesome Cronenberg movies to turn your stomach

There’s ‘Videodrome,’ where James Woods grows this bloody vagina/VCR thing in his stomach And if you’re ready for a full-on psychedelic freakout, you’ve got to see ‘Naked Lunch,’ It’s an adaptation of William S Burrough’s f*cked-up novel and even more f*cked-up life Now that you’re completely grossed out, you should probably cleanse your palette with 'Midnight Run' Harmon and Roiland probably don’t think too highly of this flick

After all, they did reveal it as Jerry’s favorite movie in the episode ‘Mortynight Run’ Who wants to watch 'Midnight Run' with director's commentary on? It’s a little on the cheesy side, but if you find it on TBS on a Sunday afternoon, you should give it a chance Basically, after ‘The Untouchables’ Robert De Niro was itching for a more comedic role He actually was gunning for the lead part in ‘Big,’ but the studio went with Tom Hanks instead So ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ director Martin Brest whipped up a road trip movie for him

The plot kind of resembles Morty’s misguided quest to free Fart The Fart the poops gold No wonder every cop in the system is looking for us De Niro plays a bounty hunter named Walsh, who has to drag a bail-skipping mob accountant played by Charles Grodin from New York to LA

I can't fly I suffer from aviophobia What does that mean? It means I can't fly You're a goddamn pilot, you sonofabitch?! Along the way, they’re chased by the mafia, the FBI, and rival bounty hunters And of course, the two unlikely bedfellows become the best of friends

It's not a payoff, it's a gift You already let me go You son of a bitch Yeah, it sounds like every buddy comedy under the sun, but come on, It’s not often you get to see De Niro flex his comedic muscles At least in the pre- ‘Meet the Parents’’ era

I have nipples, Greg Can you milk me? Ahahahahaha! That's terrific That's terrific We knew from the ‘King of Comedy’ that he had the chops, And he actually has incredible chemistry with Grodin here Don't tell me how to do my goddamn job! I'm half thinking not to turn him in just to watch Eddie go down the toilet

See that's a good thought What? Who the hell's talking to you? Obviously, this movie isn’t on the same level as a ‘Raging Bull’ or ‘Goodfellas,’ Now now now, you insulted him a little bit You got a little out of order yourself But if you’re looking for a great Bobby D movie you’ve never seen, this one’s worth a shot I mean, a roomful of Jerry’s can’t be wrong, right? Just make sure the factory tint setting isn’t too high

The factory tint setting is always too high! Now, like any sci-fi show worth its salt, ‘Rick and Morty’ has plenty of references to the work of Stephen King The title of the episode ‘Something Ricked This Way Comes’ is a reference to Ray Bradbury’s classic novel, Which is strange because the entire plot is basically a parody of King’s ‘Needful Things’ This aftershave made women want me but it also made me impotent! A price for everything, Mr Goldenfold I mean, it’s not like it’s subtle about it, it’s the name of the damn store

So what are you, like, the devil? Store comes outta nowhere All the shit's old and creepy In the movie, the owner is still basically the devil, only he’s called Leland Gaunt You must realize what a deep pleasure it is doing business with you He gives the people of Castle Rock the trinkets of their dreams, but as payment he forces them to do nasty shit to their neighbors Eventually he just straight-up starts giving everyone guns and the whole town breaks out in a bloody riot

You killed my doggie, you bitch! You broke my microwave you crazy f*ck! Too bad they didn’t have a Curse Purge Plus! franchise in Maine Those two testicle guys in ‘A Rickle in Time’ are King references too They’re from ‘The Langoliers,’ the story of a plane that flies into a chronal rip and gets trapped back in time The titular monsters are basically time Pac-men They feed off of the past, chowing down on the timeline until only the present is left

Also, they look like absolute shit Honestly, both of these movies are kind of terrible But the books they’re based on are solid, And it wouldn’t kill you to read every once a while Good or bad, all of these movies are worth checking out It's impossible, don't you understand? Whaaat?! Though you might want to save them for that long-ass wait between new seasons of ‘Rick and Morty

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