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– [Announcer] And now, on with the program – Hey, everyone, it's been a while

We know that the page has gone awfully quiet ever since, you know, the whole world changed, but rest assured, the NowThis Nerd team has been working diligently on some amazing projects, series, and videos from the safety of their homes Look, I'm gonna level with you guys We'd love to be able to go into our studio, make some awesome content, and continue to grow this channel And trust me, when things start picking up, when COVID slows down, and when there's new nerdy stuff to talk about, we intend to But to be honest, we really miss you, and we know that you're probably stuck at home too, so why not hang out? Starting today, NowThis Nerd will be streaming on Twitch

You can catch me streaming on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, playing a whole bunch of different games From RPGs, to horror games, we're gonna play some classic games, maybe even some "Guitar Hero," and of course, check out new releases when they come out We're also planning on hosting watch parties, and inviting some familiar faces to come hang out and say hey to you guys in the chat And even when this YouTube channel is back up and running just like the good old pre-COVID days, we'll still be streaming on Twitch so that we can hang out with you guys and really build this community that you've helped create I'm so excited to be able to hang out with you guys in a way that we really haven't before, in a brand new space, so I really do hope that you come by and say hey

Welcome to the next chapter of NowThis Nerd, NowThis Nerd on Twitch

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