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One of the great things about working here at Now This is just, you know, we're all such a tight unit Everyone comes im, Fran, yknow, Pippa

Zeke Hi I'm Moose I'm the writer for NowThis Nerd Hi guys, I'm Shane Boisierre, I'm an editor on NowThis Nerd Hey everybody I'm Will, I'm one of the editors on NowThis Nerd Now listen we're here to celebrate the two year anniversary of NowThis Nerd's opening day

Hey guys, I'm Dev, I'm Kya, and I'm here with a special announcement We interrupt our program to bring you this important message: I love you I make all the 'Freakazoid' joke All of them Not all of them, Shane makes some

It's a lot of fun And I'm also a Sagittarius I don't know what that means but it has something to do with fire? July 3rd, 2017 is when Now this nerd launched for real, officially, and in the year since then we've racked up 300,000 subscribers, over two hundred videos, millions of views and, most importantly, we've had a great time doing it And this video is just kind of us reaching out to the community and thanking you on behalf of myself, Will, Shane, Andrew, Kya, Dev, Calabro, Sheena, Missy, Amanda, and everyone who's ever taken part in NowThis Nerd

We are sincerely thanking you for being such an amazing audience Wow Dude Look at this freakin' thing! My favorite Nerd video that I did, that I don't think anybody watched, but it's a hidden gem You should go watch it

It's only like three thousand views is when me and Will went to E3 and I walked around and just did a bunch of bull E3! E3! Nobody's joining me! What the heck? It was really fun The one that Andrew said, the E3 one, it was the most fun that I had making, because it was just me and him like, messing around at E3 and just like being dumb and putting chicken fingers in his pocket

You're supposed to cut, Will! In terms of like, the output and being happy with the reception, I really love our 'History of Black Superheroes' That was one of the coolest videos I've done at NowThis, period Superhero, Static Shock, woo-woo! Probably my favorite actual experience was interviewing Phil Lamar at Comic Con in New York last year So great It was just like a real pleasure

Will! Do not be afraid to face your destiny! He's blushing! I also really like the 'What Makes a Mecha?' one, because I was the first one I ever hosted I want them I want many of them My favorite vid ha ha ha ' How to Kill Jason

' The series makes no sense This is Bat poop We've got Comic Con coming up We've got the last half of the Slash Course season coming up

[HUMMING THE JURASSIC PARK THEME] We've got so much cool stuff planned for you Thank you for joining us on this ride And please stick around because we've got a lot of cool stuff to show you Thank you so much for to watching our videos, and Stay tuned, because more stuff's happening Thank you! And to another two years: Excelsior — Stephen King Thanks everybody! Can you come back a little bit? Thanks so much for watching And now Moose is going to kick the crap out of me, for you guys The viewers

Do it Oh Sports!

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