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‘Infinity War’ had dozens of heroes in the spotlight, but somehow, Thanos completely stole the show This video is going to contain heavy SPOILERS, because I want to talk about what the movie gets so right about the Mad Titan, and how he compares to, and sometimes improves on, his comic book counterpart created by Jim Starlin

I’m Kya, and today we’re talking about Thanos vs Thanos: A Tale of Two Titans Let’s break them down bit by bit, starting with their Origins So what do we know about the MCU Thanos? He came from Titan, a paradise planet that was pushed to the brink of extinction by overpopulation He tried to warn his people, kinda like Jor-El, but unlike Superman’s dad, Thanos’ plan involved a lot more bloodshed His proposal to murder half the planet’s population was met with horror, but after Titan’s destruction, he grew even more convinced of his twisted logic Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe

But this does put a smile on my face Thanos carved a path of destruction across the galaxy, devastating worlds and adopting all kinds of kids from the wreckage

Adopting Kidnapping Whatever But beyond that, we don’t know that much about how he came to be Granted, this is the first time we’ve seen the MCU Thanos besides stingers and cameos, and Josh Brolin has hinted at a deeper past in interviews, but in such a packed movie, there wasn’t really a lot of time to devote to Thanos’ origin In the comics, Thanos’ parents were Eternals, a race of perfect beings created by the godlike Celestials

A Celestial like a god? Small 'g,' son But Thanos was born with a mutation that made him resemble the Deviants, their sister-species of hideous monsters

His mother was driven utterly insane when she saw her little purple baby, and actually tried to kill him in his crib before his dad put a stop to it Thanos would get his revenge a few years later, killing his mom and nuking his homeworld, but that rejection haunted him for the rest of his life, and led him to crave attention from a deadly source There’s still time for the MCU Thanos to reveal more about his past, but for now, the 616 version has a more fleshed-out origin Let’s move on to Motivation At the end of the day, everything comics Thanos does is driven by his love for Mistress Death MY LADY! PROTECT MEEE!!! Well, I mean, it’s a little more nuanced than that

He’s not interested in saving the universe, or conquering it He’s just a nihilist who believes that life is ugly, chaotic, and destructive, compared to the peaceful, beautiful simplicity of Death They were nihilists, man They kept saying they believed in nothing Nihilists

I mean, say what you will about the tenets of National Socialism, at least it's an ethos That’s tough to fit on the back of an action figure box, so I can understand why the MCU picked a different philosophy for their Thanos While the whole ‘killing half the universe’ thing comes from the comics, it’s Death who gave him the idea

Once the amount of living beings outnumbered the amount who ever died, she asked her really good friend Thanos to restore the balance for her But the MCU Mad Titan is more of an environmentalist He’s not just an emo kid trying to impress a girl, He’s acting on his own accord to solve a very real problem, But in the worst way possible That’s what makes him so appealing The best villains are the ones who genuinely believe they’re doing the right thing

Hi, Auntie! Like how Killmonger hates Wakanda for keeping their wealth and power hidden away, while Black people around the world suffered for centuries Or how Ozymandias just wanted to achieve world peace, even if it meant dropping a giant squid monster on New York City Compare that to Zod, who wanted to terraform Earth to make it more like Krypton or Steppenwolf, who wanted to… terraform Earth to make it more like Apokalips They're looking for

boxes? Sure DC I'm sorry, I feel like I'm betraying my people They're betraying you! They did you dirty! This is my villain origin story, DC made so many bad movies that I'm now a villain against them That's how it happens! Do you feel a sense of confidence that we're not doing something horribly wrong and macabre here? Thanos has a vision, and he’s convinced that snuffing out trillions of lives is the only way to achieve it That’s what makes him so terrifying

Well, that and his unlimited cosmic Power Alright, I’m just gonna come out and say it, comic Thanos is OP He’s broken Galactus’ helmet, Shattered Captain America’s shield, and survived a full-blown scream from Black Bolt He’s literally defeated the entire Universe Various writers had characters like Ka-Zar, Squirrel Girl, and even the NYPD take him down, but those are almost always retconned as a clone or an illusion or some shit like that The only thing that can stop Thanos is himself, and his own insecurity

Also the friend zone You know, with the benefit of hindsight He subconsciously sets himself up to fail, because deep down, he knows he isn’t worthy of the power he craves

Thanos is kind of Jim Starlin’s Marty Stu Now, MCU Thanos is still a powerhouse He kicks the Hulk’s ass so hard he’s scared to come out of Banner, and Iron Man throws everything he can at him for a single drop of blood But in the movies, he’s very much killable Gamora thought he was dead from a simple stab wound, and Thor damn near chopped him in half with Stormbreaker

Granted, Thanos survived, but it could have been a very different story if he’d gone for the head Now, Thanos can die in the comics, too, at one point Drax literally punched his heart out of his chest, but the more grounded MCU required a more grounded, vulnerable villain His (slightly) lower power level only makes him more human, and more relatable Which brings us to Personality This one is a little more subjective, but I just like Thanos’ style in the MCU He’s more subtle, more nuanced, and, I can’t believe I’m saying this about a giant purple space man, he’s a little more down to Earth

In the comics, he’s a badass, no doubt, but he’s kinda over the top Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to hear Josh Brolin growl out lines like ‘Tread carefully You address omnipotence,’ but in a live-action movie surrounded by real actors, The movie Thanos needed to be a little more restrained He’s calm and strategic, more like an army general, rather than a guy who floats around in space ranting to Mephisto about the friend zone I’m not saying comics Thanos is bad or simplistic, he’s actually extremely complicated, almost too complicated

He walks the line between ultimate villain and anti-hero, something very few writers besides Starlin ever really address He’s an awesome comic book character, but I’m not sure the operatic, omnicidal maniac would have worked in a movie He’s loud, outrageous, and honestly, kind of ridiculous, I mean, his hilarious feud with Deadpool over Lady Death is literally one of the best things in his comic appearances Movie Thanos is much deeper than he appears, it’s even a plot point Gamora has no idea that he truly loves her, and her death makes his quest for the Gauntlet even more personal and painful

He’s not a cackling madman, or a quippy robot He’s just a scary-ass dude who says he’s going to do something and does it, even if it means sacrificing possibly the only person he loves in the universe Look, I love the MCU for not being afraid to embrace the insanity of the comic characters, but that doesn’t mean they have to be a carbon copy The movie Thanos does lose some of the crazy spectacle from the comics, but in exchange we get a believable, almost sympathetic villain, who was strong enough to basically carry ‘Infinity War’ on his big purple back I personally prefer the movie version, but I can absolutely understand everyone who loves 616 Thanos more

Honestly, why do we even have to make a choice? With a few exceptions, the MCU characters are pretty damn faithful to the comics, just streamlined and fleshed out in ways that suit the movie medium, and appeal to every kind of audience At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which Thanos is better Whether you’re a die-hard comics fan, or someone who was introduced to Marvel through the movies, the MCU has made true believers of us all Thanks for watching guys! Count how many times i just said Thanos And after that, please subscribe to NTN!

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