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From IRL gatherings to online hashtag movements, Star Wars Day is a time for fans to rejoice and reflect on how much Star Wars has impacted our lives But why limit it to just one day? There's so much Star Wars for us to love

In the modern era with movies coming out every year, not to mention all the books, comics, games, and TV shows that Disney's just churning out, it seems like one day isn't enough to contain the hype Maybe we should celebrate the whole month instead After all, there's a bunch of reasons that make May the most important month in Star Wars history Let's go through all of the milestones you might not have known about and build the case to make May Star Wars Month May the Fourth be with you

We celebrate May 4th as the official Star Wars Day basically because of a pun May the Force be with you But it's a pretty awesome pun The earliest recorded use of 'May the Fourth be With You' is actually from 1979 when Margaret Thatcher was elected as England's first female Prime Minister on May 4th, her party took out an ad in the London Evening News It read: May the Fourth be with you, Maggie

Congratulations Though we're sure she loved the movies, I doubt the Iron Lady was the driving force behind Star Wars Day No No No

Instead, it was us The fans Star Wars came of age just as the internet made its way out of universities and into our homes By the time 'Return of the Jedi' hit theaters, Star Wars fans from all over the world were forming communities on Usenet and bulletin boards That's where May the Fourth really began

It was an inside joke that became a grassroots movement within the fandom In 2011, the first organized May 4th get-together took place at the Toronto Underground Cinema And today, Star Wars Day is a worldwide event But you don't need a big party to celebrate Star Wars There are plenty of other ways to mark the occasion You can go to a baseball game

Star Wars Day here at Chase Field and we are embracing the theme! Where some teams wear special uniforms in honor of Star Wars Day Hell, even if you're stuck on the International Space Station, you can always celebrate by watching your favorite Star Wars Movie To everyone on Earth, from the International Space Station, may the Fourth be with you! It's also a great time to check out a Disney theme park

Even before the company bought Star Wars, May marked the beginning of the legendary Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World If celebrating on the 4th is too mainstream for you you can always wait until the Revenge of the Fifth If Star Wars Day began as a joke, Revenge of the Fifth is a straight-up meme Can't stand to see those traitorous Rebels celebrate the death of countless Imperials? I knew you'd come back! I just knew it! Then save your celebrating for Revenge of the Fifth The Fifth is a darker, edgier version of Star Wars Day For those of us who embrace the safety and security of the Empire

Let the hate flow through you! Think of it as a fun, tounge-in-cheek way to acknowledge the stranger side of the Star Wars universe, just a day later Maybe watch the Ewok movies A brother and sister search for their missing parents, and fate leads to the magical Ewoks

We help you Or the infamous 'Star Wars Holiday Special

' Which we don't talk about Dust off your Tag & Bink or Star Wars Infinities comics

Play some 'Masters of Teras Kasi' on your old Playstation, or do whatever you feel like On either day, really It's not like we need an excuse to love Star Wars 'Star Wars' debuts Did you know that before 'The Force Awakens' broke the streak, all six Star Wars movies were released in May? It started with 'A New Hope' on May 25th, 1977

So why don't we just celebrate the actual anniversary of the first Star Wars movie? Well, that was the idea at least In 2007, Los Angeles City Council declared May 25th as Star Wars Day to honor the 30th anniversary of the film Nowadays, La La Land celebrates Star War the same day the rest of the world does Even beyond Star Wars, May 25th is a day that's recognized by nerds of all kinds For example, fans of 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' celebrate Towel Day on the 25th

You wanna survive out here, you gotta know where your towel is They wear bathrobes and carry towels just like series protagonist Arthur Dent, a man who always knows where his towel is There's also the Glorious 25th of May, where fans of the Discworld series wear lilacs to raise awareness of Alzheimer's, which took the life of author Terry Pratchett There's so much stuff happening on the 25th that since 2006 it's been recognized as Geek Pride Day, a sort of catch-all day to celebrate all things nerdy in pop culture I don't think Star Wars fans would have a problem sharing the spotlight on the 25th

Especially since we should just have the whole damn month anyway George Lucas' birthday On top of the movie releases, May is also the month George Lucas was born May 14th, 1944 to be precise So, why don't we celebrate Star Wars Day on his birthday? As the father of Star Wars, he had an enormous impact on all of our lives, and deserves to be celebrated

Even if we're still salty about the special editions Look, Mr Lucas, I love you But Han shot first And even though you're not involved anymore, Star Wars is going to be your legacy long after we're gone

On the other hand, Star Wars has always seemed bigger than just one person It's more than just a few movies Star Wars is every TV show, videogame and comic book set in that galaxy far, far away It's every expanded universe novel, canon or not canon It's the fan films

Welcome! Wasn't that great? Fan fiction and cosplay It's the community from all walks of life that gathers to share their love for Star Wars Star Wars Day isn't only about the franchise and the genius who brought it to life

It's just as much about us The fans After all, we came up with it And now we're coming up with something better Star Wars Month

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