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– I mean, I just love the exploring the whole thing, taking it all in, meeting new people That's what I came here to do

That's what I'm doing, and that's what I'm loving – Ah, 'Persona' fans Yes, man (laughs) (calm electronic music) – I'm so excited! – I'm Jamie Sandys, and I'm here at Comic-Con with Make-A-Wish So Make-A-Wish has been around since 1980

It's been almost 40 years, and in that time we've granted more than 315,000 life-changing wishes Recently, Comic-Con has become a very popular wish – You could have wished to go to the Superbowl or something, but you chose to come here – Superbowl's garbage (both laugh) – [Jamie] And this year, we have 17 wish kids here at Comic-Con, our largest group ever

– Why did you wanna come to Comic-Con out of anyplace else? – It's just the experience of everything Seeing your favorite actors, favorite characters, all in this one, big area, where you can also meet other people that are also really into your interests – [Kya] So what's the most exciting thing that you've seen so far at Comic-Con? – The Krusty Krab – [Kya] I'm hoping they have, like, at least a Krabby Patty – I know, right? – Yeah

– You like Krabby Patties, don't you, Squidward? (Squidward rattles nervously) (door slams) (bouncing noise) – Yes! Yes! (laughs maniacally) – I've always wanted to come to Comic-Con I've always been a nerd I've always just loved the culture, loved the people, loved everything about it And this was just, like, the high point for the week, whatever you want to call it (glass breaks) (girls scream) – [Anime Girl On Radio] Huh, what a show-off

– We see kids, often they want to meet superheros or they wanna be at experiences like Comic-Con where there's lots of superheroes And our hope is that through this wish, they'll take on some of those superhuman-type powers that will help them get through whatever it is they're going through – Why is Naruto your favorite character in the entire show? – He's just so interesting and has amazing powers and stuff – What's your favorite power that Naruto has? – [Lucas] The transformation jutsu (Naruto explodes) (character squelches and shrieks) (character zooms away) (Naruto explodes and laughs manically) – I love 'Undertale,' and Frisk is my favorite character

I actually got this shirt in a meeting with Make-A-Wish It was one of the gifts I also got some other 'Undertale' shirts too – I got this at Anaheim when I went to Disneyland recently this year One of my local pizza places, I asked them if I could have gotten a free pizza box, and they just did, which was really nice of them

– Pizza, anyone? (electric guitar chord) – One of the best parts of Comic-Con is that it gives these kids, who have had to feel secluded and a lot of times isolated from many of their friends, it gives them a sense of community and the chance to feel like a normal kid again The 17 kids that we have here at Comic-Con have had an absolutely life-changing experience – This is exactly what I was hoping it would be With just the cosplay, and just the overall, general demeanor of the people, you know? It's been everything I was hoping it would be Honestly, it's been just amazing

– See you (whooshes through the air) (electronic jangle)

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