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Hey guys, welcome to 'Dead Ringer' We all know family dinners can be awkward, especially with a bunch of bloodthirsty cannibals who expect you to wear your finest human flesh accessories

So we're here with special effects artist Joseph Drobezko Hey everyone [He's here to] help turn our friend Moose into the best Leatherface he can be, just in time for dinner Joseph is a New York city-based media makeup artist focusing primarily on film and television His work with special effects was most recently seen on season 12 of 'Face Off,' but I think the Sawyer family is getting hungry so we better get started before the meat hooks come out

So what exactly does it take to turn Moose here into Leatherface? Well in order to create the mask that I'm gonna put on his head, I'm gonna create a bald cap and I'm gonna create a latex face that I'm going to stitch together Add some details such as lashes and grommets Then we're gonna slip it on your head, size it, cut out the ears, and put on the wig So this is definitely not gonna be made out of human flesh Well I tried, but not this time

Not this time, okay well maybe next time How do you feel about that Moose? Until we can grow flesh in a lab and use it in the, you know fun scary Halloween industry, I think this is the next best thing we're going to do I'm very excited I've never worn a wig before The last mask I wore was from a 99-cent store

It glowed in the dark, so I'm very pumped to become Leatherface So the first thing I want to do is I want to kind of just build up that first layer That's gonna kind of hold everything into place It doesn't look like much the first few layers, but when you start actually building it up is when it's gonna start really coming to life So while Joe builds up the layers of the mask, we spend a lot of time waiting

You'll know that the latex is kind of dry and ready for the next layer when it goes from kind of white to clear At this point, I tend to speed up the process with the blow dryer And thank God for that No but really, this process is taking forever, but it is totally worth it So what I'm gonna do now is powder this

It's going to reduce its stickiness and just kind of start building up that kind of finished look that we're going for So at this point, what I want to do is I want to kind of try and size both the bald cap in the face So when I sew it together, I'm actually sewing it at the appropriate height Then Moose becomes no one as he puts on a piece from the Many-Faced God's collection It's not super secure, but it's really gonna become more secure once I get the stitching in

For this next part, you can either break out your grandma and her sewing machine, or you can get the threads yourself and sew together a masterpiece of flesh But that's not all! We still have to jack up Moose's teeth Right now what we're gonna do, is we're gonna pour these plastic beads into hot water It's gonna melt, and then we'll be able to fit a teeth appliance into his mouth Then it will eventually harden and actually fit him

So we can wear them without them falling out Are we making a Leatherface or Jaws? Stay tuned to find out Here's this beautiful apron It smells like a Nintendo cartridge that I'm trying to clean off We're getting to the good stuff now

I feel like we're in a cooking show That looks so delicious And I love the allspice that's such an amazing touch Now it's time for the finishing touches on the mask, like the ears and the grommets After that, all that's left is a luscious head of hair and the brows

It's the little details that really make you appreciate how Leatherface had more DIY skills than we thought Just douse yourself in blood and forget to wash your hands, because it's finally time for dinner I'm just so tickled by this whole experience I feel like a brand new man in a new suit of flesh It's such an empowering, really emotional experience

It really makes you feel in touch with your humanity, your fellow man, and all you beautiful people on the internet It's just a brand new day, and I'm excited to be part of it

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