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Welcome, strangers, I’m Moose, and boy, am I sick and tired of big pharma destroying America with their jacked-up prices, overpaid CEOs, and legions of genetically engineered monsters just itching to taste your flesh And when it comes to evil biotech companies, The Umbrella Corporation makes Pfizer look like Doctors Without Borders

As the antagonists of Capcom’s seminal survival horror series, ‘RESIDENT EVIL,’ Umbrella and its ilk have spent untold billions to ensure you get eaten alive as painfully as possible, But you don’t need to be a master of unlocking to live through the next outbreak, you just need to follow our guide So gather some kind herbs, fix yourself a Jill sandwich, and thank your lucky STARS, because this is How to Kill Bio-Organic Weapons Between the games, spinoffs, movies and more, we can’t possibly cover every killer creature from the 'Resident Evil' canon, but there are some common methods used to mutilate the mutants, starting with the old standby: buckets and buckets of Bullets Forget pain relievers and allergy medicine, Umbrella’s bread and butter has always been zombies But no matter what man-made mutation is reanimating the dead, most 'RE' zombies adhere to Romero rules, ak

a, Shoot ‘em in the head, that's a sure way to kill 'em If you don't get yourself a club or a torch, beat 'em or burn 'em, they go up pretty easy Now, as with any post-apocalypse, there are a few exceptions, like in the ‘RE1’ remake, where you had to cremate the zombies to prevent them returning as killer Crimson Heads And we can’t forget Las Plagas, Un forestero! the parasite that plagued our heroes in RE4 and 5

If you’re short on ammo, you can send some of them on a one-way trip to Suplex City, but even a perfect dome ride could do little more than reveal the monster within If and when that happens, don’t panic, just keep pumping bullets into the parasite, and the giants and ganados will go down for good, just like the fungal foes and hard-to-kill hillbillies in 'Resident Evil 7' You don’t want to be too trigger-happy, though, this is survival horror, after all Ammo is scarce, and you’ve got bigger fish to fry Literally

From sharks to spiders, dogs to frogs, there’s seemingly no corner of the animal, insect, or plant kingdom that Umbrella hasn’t corrupted with their twisted science Not now, son! I'm making TOAST! But even the mighty hunters, revolting regenerators, and lurking lickers are highly susceptible to lead poisoning, although the movie licker needed some high-impact training to put itdown for good And by that I mean it gets dragged under the train until it dies There are some bioweapons, however, that can hold up to small-arms fire

That’s when you bring out the Big Guns ‘Resident Evil’ loves to make the player feel powerless, but you’re never stuck with the peashooters you start out with for long With enough exploring, your item box will be overflowing with wonderful toys with which to tackle the terror A grenade launcher will help you make short work of most mutant monstrosities, Just freakin' stay dead, okay?! especially with some gloriously gory acid rounds, and chemical flamethrowers are great for turning plant creatures into kindling, but when it comes to the terrifying Tyrants, there’s only one weapon that can take these bad boys down Umbrella’s flagship product come in all shapes, sizes, and state of undress, and if you want to wipe them out, you’re gonna need some help from above Most Tyrants come equipped with a secondary heart grafted to their chests, a bright red beating target for you to soften up with whatever shotgun shells and magnum rounds you have left

That’s enough to kill the prototype Tyrant in 'RE0,' but the final versions require a little more oomph When you’re at the end of your rope, out of ammo and backed into a corner as the self-destruct clock ticks down, look to the heavens, because you might just receive a very special gift from a cowardly pilot or triple-crossing super spy: A rocket launcher, more powerful than any other weapon in the game, It's really powerful! Especially against living things! Better take it with you and capable of tenderizing the typical Tyrant in a single shot Now, the upgraded Nemesis variant is an even tougher nut to crack Thanks to a parasite embedded in its brain, Nemesis can strategize, speak, STARS

and shoot a rocket launcher of its own It's finally over Huh? No! In the movie, the more sympathetic stalker is crushed by a helicopter and blown away with the rest of Raccoon City, but in its eponymous game, it takes a blast from an experimental railgun to send the Nemesis reeling, and a few more shots from the mighty Magnum to put it down for good You want STARS? I'll give you STARS Say what you will about Umbrella and its imitators, they build their mindless killing machines to last, but there’s always a chance they’ll ship with a fatal flaw

When it comes to 'Resident Evil' monsters, The Eyes Have It For all its cinematic touches and eerie atmosphere, ‘Resident Evil’ is still, at heart, a videogame, and as such, they retain certain gamey elements, like bosses with big, obvious weak spots For whatever reason, most of the mutagens in the RE universe come with the unpleasant side effect of growing giant, yellow eyes all over your body Not only that, but they’re apparently connected to all sorts of vital systems, since attacking the eye is your surest path to beating these biohazards William Birkin and his G-virus babies? Shoot them in the eye! The diminutive debonair Ramon Salazar? Shoot him in the eye His boss Saddler, the mad monk? Shoot the eyes on his legs, then stab his other, even bigger eye! Jolly Jack Baker? He’s nothing but eyes by the end, though even after pumping his pupils full of lead, you’ll need to dose him with a serum to freeze him for good, or at least until his brother shows up with a bionic gauntlet for some extremely fashionable fratricide

Farewell from the family, brother! It was in the DLC Go figure Even Albert Wesker, the big bad of the entire franchise, has a prominent peeper that’s just begging to be popped Not every bioweapon comes equipped with a corneal killswitch though, so when your guns can’t get the job done, and your rockets fail to launch, you’ll have to rely on Enviro-hazards Bioweapons might be stronger, faster, and deadlier than your average bear, but they don’t usually impress in the brains department, and, like so many bosses before them, they love to set up shop in areas that are extremely hazardous to their health Throughout the series, you’ll constantly find yourself in environments surrounded by exploding barrels, giant cranes, and incinerators, and with some smooth moves, you can let your surroundings do the dirty work for you

If you’re backed into a corner by a giant, infected zombie alligator, just pull a ‘Jaws’ and stuff a pressurized tank down its gullet Chew on that, you overgrown son of a gun! If you can’t shake the rampaging tentacle monster, you can use the laser satellite that’s conveniently passing overhead From electrified puddles to liquid nitrogen, the battlefield has plenty of tools at your disposal, though you might not always have time to scan your surroundings, Odds are the self-destruct sirens will be blaring when you finally face off with evil, but Umbrella’s contingency plans are actually a blessing in disguise Nothing’s better at stopping an unkillable monster in its tracks than dropping 80 tons of secret laboratory on its head, or heads Bioweapons are unpredictable beasts, however, and a lot of them like to take the fight outside

Lucky for you, Umbrella may flagrantly flaunt the Geneva Conventions, but their creations still obey at least one law: Gravity You can always try to lure you foe off a cliff, or better yet, into a volcano, like Albert Wesker’s ultimate fate, which is way more impressive than the movies, You're fired where he gets his leg crushed under a door, bleeds to death despite having the T-virus inside him, and gets blown up for good measure He’s clearly made of hardy stuff, but that’s nothing compared to Derek Simmons from 'Resident Evil 6' Pumped full of C-virus, he pursues Leon as a centaur, a dinosaur, and a humongous housefly, because of course he does

He endures tremendous amounts of punishment along the way He gets shot, burned, run over by a train, he even gets electrocuted after eating a zombie embedded with a lightning rod, but it barely even slows him down So what actually does him in? A rocket launcher, duh, but the ultimate cause of death is impalement It’s a somewhat pedestrian end for an 'RE' boss, but you just can’t beat that subtle poetic imagery ‘Resident Evil’ is in a pretty good spot right now, the seventh game brought the series back to its roots after a slow decline into mindless action, I've had ENOUGH! Of your BULLCRAP! and the RE2 Remake might just be the best expression of the ‘survival horror’ concept I’ve ever played

With a Netflix series in the works, and rumors of more remakes swirling about, it may be awhile before we meet any new bioweapons And hey, that’s just fine by me, but in the extremely likely event that Umbrella unleashes chaos on the world once more, we’ll be here with everything you need to survive the horror, and you can come back anytime

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