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Hello ghouls and goblins, I’m Andrew, and since we’ve already covered most of the heavy hitters on How to Kill, we’re diving deep into the dollar DVD bin to bring you Pumpkinhead No! Nooo! He may not have the body count of a Jason or a Freddy, and his head looks nothing like an actual pumpkin, but this dastardly demon is definitely deserving of death, and hey, you guys voted for him

Democracy USA! USA! So, grab your gourds, and carve up some chaos, because this is How to Kill Pumpkinhead Now, he isn’t the most well-known movie monster, so before we go all Billy Corgan and start smashing Pumpkinhead, we should explain with what his deal is: He’s more or less your everyday, average demon, a spirit of vengeance who can be summoned to wreak payback on those who have wronged you, though, as always, the power comes with a price, and the only way to stop his rampage is to Shoot the Summoner 1988’s ‘Pumpkinhead’ was based off a poem Believe it or not It doesn’t have much to do with demons, witches, or anything in the movie really, but it did have a cool name, and in Hollywood, that’s enough What the hell is it? Pumpkinhead! What's that thing right there? Pumpkin

Head! The film was the directorial debut of FX legend Stan Winston, and while the man behind the Predator and the Alien Queen was able to design a pretty nifty new monster, he was too busy shooting the movie to directly supervise his team’s work, which might explain why you can see Pumpkinhead rocking some Air Maxes in the fullscreen version It doesn't even look like he's here to kill anybody It looks like he's here to ball

Square up Play 21 I'm Pumpkinhead and I'm going to steal your girl [music plays] In all fairness, you were never supposed to see that, and the monster does look really great, sort a hillbilly xenomorph, and as for the movie itself, it’s basically ‘Pet Sematary’ meets ‘Thinner’ You know as much about justice as I know about turbine engines

Now, take your funny curse off of me Decades after encountering the demon as as young boy, Lance Henriksen finds himself in need of a supernatural hitman after his own son is run down by a reckless gang of dirt-biking teenagers And by that, I mean, really one reckless teenager Who's also definitely played by a 35-year-old man Honey, get me a beer

In his rage and sadness, he tracks down Ms Haggis, an old witch in the woods who is honestly, probably scarier than Pumpkinhead itself You can go now Ed Harley Now it begins She can’t resurrect his son, but with a little scarole and some blood, she can hook him up with a certain demon who specializes in slaughtering obnoxious teens

You're looking at vengence, cruel, devious, pure as venom vengence Here’s the catch, though: The summoner is forced to see and feel the demon’s handiwork, and with each new victim, the two become more intertwined By the end of the movie, the demon’s face has evolved into a twisted caricature of Henriksen, and he realizes the only way to stop Pumpkinhead is to take his own life So, he shoots himself in the head, but he totally pulls a ‘Fight Club’ and doesn’t die, I mean, he's close to death, but he doesn't die, which means the final girl has to finish him off Kill me

The demon inexplicably bursts into flame, and Haggis buries Henriksen's corpse, implying that he’ll be the next incarnation of Pumpkinhead, but that plotline would be abandoned for 18 years The next film would deliver a different kind of demon, who suffers Death by Descent ‘Pumpkinhead 2: Blood Wings’ was originally a completely different script that was converted into a sequel overnight, which is why it pretty much ignores everything established in the first one I liked it better before It opens with a flashback to the ‘50s, where we meet a brand new witch who’s taking care of a deformed child named Tommy out in the woods, and it's always a Tommy, isn't it? Until a gang of jerky teens stab him with a switchblade and drop him down a mineshaft Drop him! His former guardian hits the books to find a way to resurrect the child, who we later learn was actually the offspring of the demon himself

Which means, CANONICALLY, Pumpkinhead bones! Pumpkin bones, Jason doesn't bone Freddy might bone This is the guy in the house doing all the boning, am I right? This guy bones! She figures out a way to raise the dead, but to her credit, she realizes it would unleash terror and bloodshed and blah blah blah, You don't know the evil you are conjuring, boy! so she puts the kibosh on her plan to play god, making her officially the smartest person in any slasher movie ever

Sadly, 35 years after Tommy’s death, yet another group of rowdy teens finds her spell casting supplies and tries to resurrect him themselves for poops and giggles And wouldn’t you know it, before long, we’ve got a much cheaper-looking Pumpkinhead tearing his way through the kids who brought him back, and the grown up versions of the jerks who killed him in the first place But even once the jerks who summoned him are dead, this demon doesn’t stop He only dies after a posse strings him up, pumps him full of bullets, and is magically transformed into a lifeless rubber dummy that is slowly lowered back into the mine, which then explodes, because of course it does ‘Blood Wings’ was released straight to video, which usually isn’t a great sign for a horror series

But if that’s the bottom of the barrel, then what do you call going straight to the Sci-Fi channel? That’s where the last two Pumpkinhead films debuted, and where we first witnessed his death by Cremation Despite the undignified new home, and terrible CGI, ‘Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes’ at least returns to the canon of the first film, complete with a clearly slumming-it Lance Henriksen It led me straight to hell Turns out his soul has been in limbo ever since he merged with the demon, who’s been lying dormant waiting for some poor person to summon it Luckily, the townsfolk are in need for some good vengeance after they discover that the local mortician, played by none other than Pinhead himself, Doug Bradley, has been running an illegal organ harvesting ring, chopping up people for parts, and dumping their bodies in the swamp We have such sights to show you

A group of unsatisfied customers hook up with Haggis and summon Pumpkinhead to slaughter the co-conspirators Being no stranger to horror movies, Bradley quickly realizes whats up, and starts murdering the summoners to get rid of the demon before he himself gets got As he picks them off one by one, Pumpkinhead starts to shrink, until there’s only a single victim left, who bravely sacrifices herself in a crematorium Her death restores Henriksen to his normal handsome? Self, while her charred corpse is left to rise again as the next incarnation of evil Credit where it’s due, ‘Ashes’ is at least better than ‘Blood Wings,’ and I like how it plays two factions against eachother

That worked out so well that they did it in the sequel, too, and as for Pumpkinhead’s (so far) final death, all I can say is All’s Well That Ends Well ‘Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud’ cold opens with a Pumpkinhead attack that confirms our ‘shoot the summoner’ hypothesis, Please don't! before it switches focus to Jody and Ricky, two star-crossed lovers from the Hatfield and McCoy clans, a real-life family rivalry that resulted in all-out warfare and dozens of deaths in the late 1800s You know how it started? How did it start? Stolen pig That's how most of these things start The movie quickly dispenses with any actual history, because who cares, and uses the killer clans as an excuse to bring back the demon After Ricky McCoy’s sister is murdered by some Hatfields while she was keeping lookout during a clandestine makeout sesh, he bumps into Ms

Haggis, Hello there Angel of my nightmare The shadow in the background of the morgue and asks her to summon the demon and get rid of those pesky varmints once and for all Even though he’s freed from the curse, Lance Henriksen is still hanging around for some reason, that I'm sure isn't just a paycheck, pleading with Haggis to find a better hobby than conjuring killer monsters, but no luck

The ritual is performed, Pumpkinhead is raised, and a whole lot of Hatfields and McCoys get wrecked The two families put their differences aside to fight the demon as a team, but the nightmare isn’t over until Jody blows away her boyfriend, and he drags the monster into a well With the gory gourd defeated, the storm clears, and Lance shows up one last time with some of the most atrocious green screen you’ll see outside of public access TV That’s the end of the Pumpkinhead saga so far, and lord knows it was a hoot, but in 2016, a reboot was announced from ‘Saw’ producer Peter Block That was supposed to start filming last year, so I’d take it with a grain of salt, but in a world where Michael Myers, the Candyman, and Chucky can return from the dead, it could be the perfect time for horror films to get a fresh dose of Pumpkinhead spice

Thanks for watching, and thanks for voting in our How to Kill Poll We’re gonna keep on letting you guys pick em, Because we’ve pretty much done all the big boys, so leave a comment and let me know some candidates for our next one As always, please subscribe to NTN, and if you see Pumpkinhead, tell him I want my sneakers back

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