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Hello everyone, I’m Andrew and I like my slashers a little smaller Chucky has always been my favorite movie maniac, I mean, what’s not to love about a psychotic Cabbage Patch Kid doing a bad Jack Nicholson impression? Nothing like a strangulation to get the circulation going! But cute as he is, this Good Guy is extremely bad news

If you wanna live to play another day you’d better follow our guide on How to Kill Chucky It’s easy enough the first time around Just shoot him Chucky was born as Charles Lee Ray, a serial killer known as the Lakeshore Strangler, who also looks exactly like Tommy Wiseau Oh, hi Mark! And by extension, me

Ha ha ha What a story, Mark One night, a cop named Mike Norris chases him into a toy store, Where the two exchange gunfire until Charles is fatally shot He uses a voodoo ritual to transfer his soul into a nearby Good Guy doll Endenlieu pour du boisette Damballa! Endenlieu pour du boisette– Ahhh! Think like, My Buddy with a less catchy jingle

He goes, My Buddy, My Buddy, My Buddy Chucky quickly settles back into his old routine, Getting revenge on his ex-partner and throwing a babysitter out the window just for funsies Problem is, the longer he stays in the doll body, the more human it becomes He starts to bleed, feel pain, get ingrown toenails, All that fun stuff Last night I got shot

You know something? It hurt It hurt like a son of a bitch It even bled! It’s good news for you, though, because now you can kill him with a bullet through the heart At least, according to the official voodoo rulebook There’s a lot of fine print in there, like the fact that Chucky can only transfer his soul into the first person he revealed his true nature to

In this case, a boy named Andy Barclay Ha ha ha ha ha! I don't believe it I just don't believe it Andy Mike and Andy’s mother interrupt the ritual, but they have a pretty hard time putting Chucky down

Burning him in a fireplace just pisses him off, And blowing off his arms and legs don’t do much good either They literally shoot his head off and he just keeps coming, until a well placed shot to the heart puts him down The heart! Shoot him in the heart! The nightmare is over for Andy, but not for Play Pals The toy company behind the Good Guy dolls faces a huge PR disaster, You know how that goes Our doll killed a bunch of people gruesomely, this is gonna effect quarter four sales for sure

To prove that this metal O is harmless, I will personally eat one See? There's nothing– Boy, this thing is shredding my insides! So they rebuild Chucky to prove he’s just a harmless lump of plastic Then, in a shocking turn of events, Chucky comes back to life And if you know any economists, you might want to give them a call right now, Because he’s extremely susceptible to hyperinflation Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk

Let me explain: Before Chucky beats that teacher to death with a yardstick, he also jams a bicycle pump in her chest and blows her across the room Not really sure how those physics work, but it’s actually some great foreshadowing for his death at the end of ‘Child’s Play 2’ Chucky, Andy, and his foster sister Kyle all wind up in the Play Pals factory, and for once, Chucky actually gets to finish his ritual It’s too late, though, his soul is permanently trapped in the doll and he is pissed Nooo! It really seems like nothing can stop him, not even a hundred gallons of boiling pink plastic

But if you can maneuver an air hose into his melty mouth, It’ll make an airtight seal and set Chucky up for a nice, gooey, satisying head explosion His remains are left in the factory for eight years, Until Play Pals decides to bring back the Good Guys Again For some weird reason There's already a terrible history at this company and we're only two movies in

Then again, Furbys came back and they’re just as scary Even if they never crushed anyone to death in a garbage truck That one was really That one made me cry when I was a kid Chucky’s splattered remains drip into a plastic vat, transferring his soul into a brand new doll It’s not gonna be easy to kill him this time, Unless, like me, you’re a really big fan Since everyone who loves him is either dead or completely insane, teenage Andy is stuck in a military school Sucks for him, but it’s great news for Chucky the killer doll

He’s got all kinds of new toys to play with, Like grenades, And paintball guns loaded with real bullets Even when he gets his face cut off by a scythe, you can tell Chucky’s having a blast At least, until he falls into a giant fan that rips him to shreds Charles Lee Ray’s old girlfriend Tiffany stitches his head back together and brings him back to life in the sequel To show his gratitude, he kills Tiffany and turns her into the titular ‘Bride of Chucky

’ After the classic ‘Child’s Play’ trilogy, the franchise moved on to full-blown horror-comedy What are you talkin' about? For God's sake, Chucky, drag yourself into the '90s Stabbings went out with Bundy and Dahmer You look like Martha Stewart with that thing Who the hell is Martha Stewart? It was actually a great fit for the series, and Tiffany helped shatter the glass ceiling for slasher movies, But Chucky’s death is kinda weak

All it takes is some more bullets Even Chucky doesn’t seem to be impressed Go ahead and shoot! I'll be back I always come back! At least Tiffany goes out giving birth to a terrifying doll baby, setting the stage for ‘Seed of Chucky’ And since he’s a dad now, That means Chucky is vulnerable to patricide

This is far and away the weirdest film in the franchise Get it, Mini Me! Jennifer Tilly is a main character, played by Jennifer Tilly, who also does the voice of Tiffany Jennifer Tilly! Also? Two profane little dolls murder Britney Spears by running her car right off the road The titular ‘Seed’ is named Glen or Glenda, depending on which split personality is dominant They bring their parents back to life using the same voodoo amulet, and after Chucky kills their mom, Glen and his old man throw down in a cheesy kung fu battle

Let's go He dismembers his father with an ax and chops off his head, which never seemed to stop him before, but whatever ‘Bride’ and ‘Seed’ play pretty loose with the rules Original director Don Mancini returned to the series with ‘Curse of Chucky,’ and brought back its horror roots Chucky returns to murder a whole bunch of people and, as usual, stick the blame on someone else

Nica what have you done? Please, you know I would never– In this case, a girl named Nica whose mother was a survivor of Charles Lee Ray’s early period Nica gets convicted and sent to a mental asylum, while Chucky successfully possesses her niece, Alice The credits roll with Chucky safe and sound, but if you want to see him dead, all you need is patience In a post-credits scene, we see Chucky arrive in the mail somewhere When he crawls out of the box, we learn that the recipient is none other than grown-up Andy Barclay

Andy Not only that, he’s played by the same actor who portrayed him as a kid in 1988 Alex Vincent isn’t the greatest actor, at least, not as an adult Really? But it’s seriously an awesome reveal You can tell Andy’s been waiting a long time for this moment He’s got his shotgun at the ready, pointed point-blank at Chucky’s head Then, 25 years after the doll ruined his life, Andy blows its head off Play with this

Andy! It’s a sick ending, even if it doesn’t make much sense For example, if Chucky transferred his soul, how was he in the doll that got sent to Andy? Well, ‘Cult of Chucky’ has the answer Also, it just came out this year, so SPOILER WARNING, You've been warned But it turns out Chucky can split up his soul and possess multiple things at once He looked it up on VoodooForDummies

com It changed everything Now I can be me, and me, and me! There are so many Chuckies running around by the end of this movie it’s hard to keep track Only one of them actually dies, though Andy rips a gun out of its guts ‘Videodrome’ style, then he curbstomps his head into a mushy red paste

One doll goes into hiding, while another possesses Nica and reunites with Tiffany As for the original Chucky, Andy’s keeping his head alive at home to torture for all eternity That leaves three still out there, Which means there are more Chuckies in the world than there are living Beatles And those are just the ones we know about That’s why it’s so important to know what you’re dealing with, and the best ways to take this little bastard down

You might not be able to stop him for good, but you can definitely ruin his day It’s like the doll himself says: “Dying is such a bitch”

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