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I went to my first tournament, So I think after that, they were good They gave me that year

A lot of parents, don't give you that year – Hi, everyone I'm Moose and recently I sat down with members of Ghost Gaming's professional Fortnite team on the eve of the first ever Fortnite World Cup The esports industry is growing exponentially Highly competitive events for games like Fortnite, Overwatch, Counter-Strike and tons more, are drawing thousands of real life fans and even more online eyeballs

Some experts project that esports can bring in over a billion dollars in revenue by the end of 2019, and it's just getting started To get a boots on the ground perspective of the business from the athletes who are living it every single day, we asked the Ghost Gang about making the decision to go pro and what the day-to-day life looks like for some of the most elite gamers in the world First, I wanted to find out how they realized that they might have what it takes to compete at the highest level – The first game I probably, like, actually grided was Call of Duty MW 2 Just coming home from school playing that until dinner

After dinner, you get back on the game and you play with your friends all day And that was my whole year basically – It just started by its own, like, I just played a lot Played, like, wagers, played for money and then I started getting invited to scrimmages from Epic Games and then I realized I'm good enough to compete – When Fortnite first came out, I was playing, I was like playing people for money, and I ended up racking up like ten thousand dollars just playing other people

And then I started streaming and once the first like Fortnite tournament came out, I did really well I blew up and then it exploded from there The way Ghost found me, I actually had a friend that, like, he told the scout He, like, recommended me They actually found me from the little, the way when I was playing people for money

They just took a risk on me and picked me up, and it ended up working out – I worked on a golf course for four years So when I first got signed to Ghost I was still working at the golf course and going to school full-time too So I was trying to manage all of it because when I first signed it wasn't like the crazy contract Before tournaments started I was basically just signing just to help get my name out and everything

– Did you drive the cart to like pick up all the balls? – Yeah – That's awesome (sound of swinging golf club hitting a golf ball) (upbeat dance music) It takes a lot of hours to make it on to an elite team like Ghost, and once you're on board gaming isn't just a hobby anymore, it's a job – So while my sleep schedule's good I like to wake up, play around noon I'll start scrims around five

After scrims are over, which honestly probably ends about eleven sometimes depending how long we play and then I'll probably stream after throughout the night for a little bit and then go, go to bed I love doing this – I usually stream eight hours a day And, you know, I have a girlfriend now in California so that takes a lot of time up too but mainly all the Ghost stuff usually is like when we go to events and like we all meet up is mostly when they try to take a lot of my time – So my normal schedule, I'll basically just wake up and hop right on my computer

I don't really eat breakfast or anything, so I just hop on and warm up What's going on guys? Bizzle here Six to eight hours a day And after that trying to watch people play Fortnite or even play it more But its basically an all day thing with any esport I think it is

There's not really any down time You have to be playing 24-7 Oh my God – Getting paid to play video games and build a massive streaming audience at the same time sounds like a pretty sweet gig, but it's not without risks Just like traditional sports, the chances of injury are very real

– The wrists are really, really common I've had a little bit of wrist injuries Like, just, nothing major, but, I know a lot of players have like tendonitis, and they just develop stuff like that because it's just constantly moving your mouse around – Are you a mouse and keyboard or are you a controller guy? – Mouse and keyboard, yeah – I think the main issue among most players is probably like carpal tunnel

I use therapy putty for myself, and that really helps me Basically I use different strengths of putty So you can constantly working up and strengthening your hands – This is funny So, the worst injury that I've had that has affected my game play, is me picking at my nails and my skin

Yeah It's just my fault I got to stop doing that Bad habit I play like a weird way with the controller

Basically I use my like pointer finger on like the four buttons So basically if I like mess with my nail or my skin then I have to press down, it starts to hurt But besides that, I've not really had any hand injuries or anything My girlfriend massages my hands at night, so I got that going for me – Esports is still a young industry

And for a lot of Ghost Gang, their parents took some convincing to get on board – So at first they weren't supportive at all They were like, you got to get off your computer The first tournament that I went to, I got invited, we were actually going on vacation that day So I had to convince them to stay back which was actually really good because that's what basically got me into Ghost

So, yeah, after that, they were supportive After I was making money and stuff – Yeah I notice that seems to be a theme with everybody, it's like, my family was a little skeptical and then I started making money – There are a lot of parents that don't give you that year

They won't let you play the hours I did Just the fact, like I said, yeah, they're a gaming family They were more understanding than other people so it was pretty easy for me – So your folks might be a little skeptical at least until all that prize money starts rolling in In their short careers, Ghost Gang has already racked up some serious dough

And the pots just keep getting bigger – What's the biggest prize you've won so far? – $375K And that was my first event – $50K – TwitchCon

Thirty seven thousand I ended up winning like another fifteen thousand off that And then like the thirty thousand from the kill bonus All together it was like $60, 70K – Not too shabby

– Yeah that was a good day – PAX West, I made a little over two hundred thousand – Jesus That's how much I spent on law school – My first tournament ever

– With that kind of money on the line, playing games for a living is certainly a tantalizing prospect, so I asked the Ghost Gang if they had any tips for aspiring pros – Play the game Grind as much as you can Watch other pros, like the best, play Try to copy some strats

– Make sure you use all social medias Use Instagram, YouTube, Twitter Definitely network It's one thing I didn't do too much, I still don't do too much now, which I should Make sure you try to play with people

If you are good or you're funny or you have some sort of characteristic that people like you for, I mean those people will come to you – Right now Ghost Gang is living the dream, and with Fortnite showing no signs of slowing, it almost seems weird to think about the future Still, I closed out by asking these athletes if they had any plans for their post esports careers – I'd love to stay in the scene Like the esports scene, whether that's working for an org or casting or doing something coaching related or I could always go back to school

I was a cybersecurity major before this, so I would also love to finish school and do that – Cool Where'd you go to college? – A local college I went to Penn State my first year and then came home to change majors – Honestly, I used to do a lot of coding so that'd be really cool to make games and stuff

– That would be awesome – So my plan definitely is to like keep my brand going Keep growing I just want to take the route maybe just being able to like stream whatever games I want I know that my professional career will not be here forever, so maybe just like chill and just play single player games

Maybe an org one day, there's a lot of pro players that are creating orgs That's a big thing right now I just want to be able to live my life Keep playing games That's my dream

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