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One, two, Freddy's coming for you Hey guys, welcome to 'Dead Ringer' Freddy Krueger has been haunting our nightmares for 33 years now, but for the most part we only seen him in our dreams Unless some idiot teenagers decide to bring him into the real world Well, consider us idiots because today we have special effects artist Chelsea Nowak turning our friend Sally into the Springwood Slasher

Hello! Chelsea is a New York city-based special effects makeup artist She frequently works in the art department on independent films, and she's also a lab technician at Gotham FX in New Jersey So dim the lights, put on a pot of coffee, and try not to fall asleep because Freddy's coming for you So exactly what is it gonna take to turn Sally into Freddy Krueger? So first I'm gonna brush your hair back I'm gonna put bald cap on you

I'm gonna put some bald cap pieces over your eyebrows, to get rid of those babies And then I'm gonna take my custom-made gelatin prosthetics and glue them to your face with medical-grade adhesive So your skin will be fine Then I'm gonna take some freeform gelatin, melt that down, and kind of blend in all the edges Put some on your nose

Put some on your ears Is there fresh Fireball in the studio? No, not for you Okay well all that just sounds like it's gonna be a lot and it's gonna be amazing Sally's gonna have a very eventful day, so I will be right back when this is all mostly done Great No pain, no gain

I'm gonna give her a low ponytail so that Brush the mane out I'm gonna spray a little water on your hair

Spray whatever you need Ooh it's cold water! Goodbye, beautiful hair! Do I look like a condom? Now I am drawing a line on the bald cap to kind of denote where I'm going to cut it out You're gonna use scissors on me when this is on my head? Yes I am Oh my god I'm gonna look like Picasso if you cut my ear off Actually, it's Van Gogh, but either way is fine

This is the medical-grade adhesive that's used on babies at the hospital If only we were here to make Sally's skin baby soft Unfortunately we're here to do just the opposite, so let's lose the condom look and blend some edges

Right now I'm melting off the edges of the bald cap With the bald cap finally in place we can move on to the exciting part: prosthetics These were made at home by Chelsea before she arrived and she's going to piece them all together on Sal's face, which requires a lots of glue This is just glue going on my beautiful forehead Glue going on your beautiful forehead

How's it feel, Sal? Soothing Just putting it out there that I am theater trained Great, we'll need those acting chops later for Freddy's performance We're trying to help her get in character in the best way possible by making her look as horrible as possible But she's coming along nicely and being a total champ so I think she's earned a dance break

If you're lost, you can look, and you will find me, time after time That's almost scarier than her face Anyways, moving on All that shiny stuff that Chelsea is putting on her face? More latex But this is the best part because we're gifting our model a new nose, because turning her into a bald burn victim wasn't enough

But guess what? It's powder break time It's powder yeah, just to make it so it's not so sticky Yeah, dust your face off Been a rough day, baby, just brush it off So we're into the details now, really making those burns stand out, which is really just going to take styling into the next level of turning into our nightmare

So how are you holding up, Sally? Any advice for the kids at home? Look, if I can give you any lesson, it's don't pass out in a bar, because this is what will happen to you But, the bright side is, at least we'll have some cool Instagrams from this later So just sit back and let the airbrush work it's magic Freddy's got nasty ass teeth And the dental nightmare are the finishing touches, because we are ready for prime time

Welcome to prime time, bitch! Hello, bitch! Raaa! Oh my God! Are you kidding me? Welcome to my house, bitch! Wanna suck my scissor? Wanna play? Ha ha!

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