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(upbeat electronic music) – Hey guys, I'm Kya, and I'm here at San Diego Comic Con, and we're gonna talk about cosplay We're talking to some people who have to work a little extra hard to make their cosplays possible

In the world of Cosplay, there's not a lot of canon options for people who might be a person of color or a woman, so we want to talk to some people about why they're doing it and why it's special to them I'm here with, – Mia Genae Watkins I'm cosplaying as Miles Morales I'm a female version of Miles from 'Spider-man into the Spiderverse' – I'm Jan, and I'm playing Sailor Pluto

– I'm Jenee and I'm cosplaying as Sailor Saturn – Hello, I'm Dora Milaje's grandmother (laughing) – Cosplay is just the best thing in the entire world because it gives you an opportunity to be someone that you've always wanted to be It doesn't even have to be someone you're not It's someone you can see yourself in or you wanna see yourself in

It's such a strong and powerful thing to do – Why did you dress up as Miles? – I'm in love with the 'Spiderverse' movie It meant so much to me as African American nerd, as a person who grew up with Spider-man, I love Spider-man Anyone can wear the mask That philosophy is amazing

– So you usually have issues finding people to Cosplay as, as a black woman? – Yeah, I would say so It's awesome because I think when I was little I would literally look up what black female characters, whether in anime, I know they're out there, but Miles is pretty mainstream and this will be the perfect opportunity to cosplay him this year, since he blew up a lot in the last year I feel pretty awesome dressing up as Miles right now (laughing) I feel really cool I think with the dreadlocks, kinda makes it look even cooler

(laughing) But if we have someone like me cosplaying as Miles then it's inspiring to whoever else sees me and who knows where that creativity, where that inspiration is going to take them – Why do you guys pick these Sailor Scouts? – Because we grew up watching 'Sailor Moon' and we love the magical girl Anime genre because it's empowering women and we don't often see women fighting crime and beating up the bad guys growing up So we really love that, even in adulthood – Yep, exactly 'Sailor Moon' was our childhood

We loved the show It was all about girl power and that was something we weren't seeing very often Even as we're adults now, we appreciate it, we love that it's been revamped and it also gives us a great opportunity to cosplay as them – Why are you cosplaying as Dora Milaje? – Because I thought she represented the kind of woman that I like to see out there as I'm movin' along on the spectrum and I think she's somebody that channels a lot of positive energy for young girls, old girls, and all girls – How do you guys feel wearing the Sailor Scout outfits? – It's like a dream

When we were smaller we always wanted to cosplay or dress up as Sailor Scouts in the living room We used to say moon prism power! ('Sailor Moon' theme music) – It's amazing to do it as an adult – I love cosplaying because I love seeing movie characters and I love feeling represented on screen I love seeing somebody and feeling like I could've grown up with them, I could've been them just because of something as simple as where he came from and the culture of it – What does it mean for you guys to see people of color now on screen, available for you to dress up as? – I like the fact that there is positive role models and they're showing people of color now in so many dimensions

When I was coming out of high school, I wanted to be a fashion designer, and my counselor told me, "Oh, little colored girls can't design clothes "You should be a music teacher "because you play the piano so well" And now, children of color don't have to get that message They can be whatever they wanna be – I love conventions like this because San Diego Comic Con and almost any convention lets you be yourself

There's something for everyone here You're accepted no matter where you come from Seeing black and brown girls and different types of cosplay for me is really inspiring It's super cool Oh cool, you're into this

So I know what you're into as a fan, but also, what you like to celebrate, too, about yourself – I just feel so cool I think I could kick some butt if I had to I don't want to though (laughing) I don't wanna mess up my outfit


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