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– Every long running horror franchise has that one entry The one that was so weird

So diferent or so darn awful that it that it nearly sinks the entire series (screams and explosions) – That's a wrap – But some of these so called franchise killers deserve a second opinion So today we're gonna reevaluate one of the strangest slasher movies we've ever seen To see whether it's a mess or simply misunderstood

I'm Andrew and today we're talking about 'Wes Craven's New Nightmare' (upbeat music) (audience cheering) [Freddy] (laughs) – Even though it was critical darling, the dismal failure of the metafictional film put Freddy Kruger to sleep for a whole other nine years But was it the movies fault? Or was 1994 simply just too soon for a post modern deconstruction of the slasher genre? – This is still a script we're talking about right Wes? – We'll get to that in a second, but first let's take a look at the state of the series (laughing) – Crap – 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' set a new bar for slashers when it premiered all the way back in 1984, breathing life into the then stale genre and bringing in $25 million against its paltry super small $1

8 million budget 'Nightmare' saved its failing studio New Line Cinema Ever heard of it? Leading to its reputation as "The House that Freddy Built" Which means thanks to the transitive property you can thank Freddy Krueger for Peter Jackson's 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy Wow! Mr

Freddy, Mr Freddy! (laughing) (beep) New Line wanted to keep the gravy train rolling The wanted more of those (beep) sweet Freddy bucks But like so many horror actors creator Wes Craven had no intention of making his one film into an entire series The famous ending, you know, the one with all of Nancy's murdered friends just show up on a bright sunny day and Freddy reverse defenestrates her mother

Was a last minute edition to set up a sequel Craven sat out for 'Freddy's Revenge' A really bad 'Nightmare' movie, but a masterfully coded queer coming of age tale in an era when films couldn't really tackle the subject openly 1987's 'The Dream Warriors' earned $45 million off of a $5 million budget With Craven returning to write and stared Heather Langenkamp reprising her role as Nancy

It was arguably the quality and commercial peak of the franchise (screaming) – Welcome to prime time! – And certainly the only entry with it's own NES game And hair metal bop curtesy of Dokken ♪ We're the Dream Warriors ♪ ♪ Don't wanna dream no more ♪ – Freddy mania, it was sweeping the nation Leading to 'Freddy's Nightmares,' a spinoff T

V show that ran for two seasons And of course, more movie sequels Part four and five saw bigger budgets but diminishing Box Office returns The Springwood Slasher had been Flanderized from a terrifying demon into a wise cracking killer cartoon character

– Bon appetite! – And while the dream sequences still pretty much slap By the time 'Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare' rolled around the series was starting to get a bit stale As you can probably gather from the title, 'Freddy's Dead' was supposed to kill Freddy off for good But with a $35 million box office haul, there was still plenty of life left in the series – The fans, you know, the fans god bless them they're clamoring for more

– It just needed a fresh coat of paint and Wes Craven was the man to do the job Unfortunately that's where things went wrong – Run! – 'New Nightmare' is in kinda a weird spot because not only did Freddy die for good in part six, this movie is about how Freddy died for good in part six – I thought you killed Freddy off – Well we did, but the fans

– It stars Heather Langenkamp, Robert Englund, and Wes Craven as fictionalized versions of themselves in a world where Freddy was apparently more popular than Marvel movies Could you imagine? – No – Craven, in an acting tour de force, explains that a demonic presence is haunting his nightmares breaking through to our reality and the only way to contain it is to make a new Freddy movie – Exactly, exactly – He's not doing a bad job Yeah, this is bad, yeah

Wow Does it fade to black? Yeah it does That's hot (beep) It's kinda like season seven of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' only with less hilarious faux pas and more bloodshed Although not that much more There are only four, count 'em, four kills in the entire movie

And two of them happen off screen What the heck? That's kinda the films biggest problem It's a clever look at myth making and movie magic but as a 'Nightmare' movie it just kinda just falls flat It's just not all that scary, unless you find earthquakes and really big 90's cellphones utterly terrifying Like me

– Hello – Ha! (beep) Freddy himself, Freddy proper is kinda a non-factor But if you like little kid actors trying way to hard to be creepy then buddy you are in the right place (yelling) – Honey? What? What's wrong? What's gotten into you? – Much like 'The Phantom Menace,' 'The Predator,' and so many other movies, 'New Nightmare' relies way to much on a child actor who's just not up to the task He just doesn't have the chops anymore He's just, he's wasting all of our time

And even a horror veteran like Miko Hughes AKA Gage from 'Pet Semetary' can't make staring at a TV and singing a nursery rhyme scary – One, two, Freddy's coming for you – Where'd you hear that? – When we do see Freddy, or the ancient demon masquerading as him, well it's a far cry from paranormal pizzas and power gloves

Instead of elaborate prosthetics and unnerving dream scapes we get this T-1000 ass, Wolverine Origins ass claw Kills straight up copied from the original only way less cooler and a Freddy who shares a skin care routine with Ivan Ooze (yelling) Look, I understand that Craven was trying to return Freddy to his more frightening roots and bring him closer to his original horrifying vision But by 1994 Freddy had evolved and the wise cracking potty mouthed murderer we'd come to love is a completely diferent character than the more reserved original I'd be like doing a sequel to 'Evil Dead' where Ash is back to the generic final dude from the original movie

Craven is clearly trying to make an important statement on the traumatic power of story telling And I can totally understand if you love this movie For a lot of fans it's up there with parts one and three and it absolutely deserves credit for at least trying to shake things up It just never really sticks the landing and for me there's just not enough 'Nightmare' But hey what do I know? Let's go to the post mortem

'New Nightmare' was shockingly well received by critics It's 78% on the old Tomatometer only beneath the original with a well deserved 94 Even Roger Ebert who notoriously despises everything to do with the slasher genre was a fan of Craven's clever spin on the formula – It's a look behind the scenes of Hollywood It's smart It's scary

And it's curiously thought provoking – It didn't provoke a single thought in my head – Oh come, come, come – No, no, no – But sadly the fans didn't share the love

'New Nightmare' cost $8 million to make and it only grossed $19 million, the lowest in the entire franchise Was it because horror in general was having a bad time? – Welcome to hell (explosion) – [Narrator] Chuck Norris 'Hellbound' – Was the new movie just too different for die hard Freddy fans? Could it be that the forth wall smashing story was too similar to 'Last Action Hero?' Or was it simply ahead of it's time? Two years later Craven would get one more chance to deconstruct the slasher genre he helped create 'New Nightmare' was basically a beta test for 'Scream,' with one crucial difference Instead of focusing on a rich Hollywood types and their tastefully decorated L

A offices, Craven and screen writer Keven Williamson used 'Scream' to shine the light on horror fans Instantly making it more relatable, frightening, and most importantly, fun – Movies don't create psychos, movies make psychos more creative – I'm feeling whoosy here

– Freddy is hands down the funniest slasher But 'New Nightmare' is kinda a joyless slog 'Scream' has the same self awareness but it's not so dang serious about it and it became a phenomenon that revolutionized and revitalized the entire genre Freddy had to die so that 'Scream' could live A trade I would make any day

But was 'New Nightmare' what really killed Freddy? You can argue that 'Freddy's Dead' is the true end of the franchise But I don't buy it Need I remind you that Jason returned a mere two years after his so called 'Final Chapter' And he also had a weird gaiden movie in the middle of that (intense music) Same with Michael Myers

'Halloween' bounced back from it's weird experimental entry but Freddy never recovered from 'New Nightmare' It would be another nine years before we saw him tear it up again in 'Freddy vs Jason' The highest grossing entry for both franchises But instead of maintaining the momentum

New line decided it was the perfect time for, you guessed it, a reboot (screaming) (explosion) Jackie Earle Haley was a great choice to step into his sweater but turning Freddy into an actual child molester made it a lot harder to watch It still did pretty decently at the Box Office but it was kinda lost among the million other Michael Bay produced remakes of that era And it was never followed with a sequel – I'm just glad you're safe

(screams) (glass breaking) – Will we ever see Freddy again? Stupid question of course we will There's already another reboot in the works But it's on pause while New Line focuses on the 'Conjuring' universe instead Pro tip, just make a shameless rip off of 'It: Chapter One' Pennywise and Freddy have pretty much the same MO anyway and I could easily see Freddy popping out of a projector or bringing Paul Bunyan to life

Today we look back at 'New Nightmare' as a flawed but forward thinking film It had a lot to say about the slasher genre But at the end of the day it was simply too much of a departure Did 'New Nightmare' kill the Freddy franchise? Yes But out of it's bones came a new wave of slasher cinema would rise and bring the genre to new heights that we could only dream of – There's nothing left of Robert England

It's just this cantankerous cuss named Fred Kruger

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