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Hi, my name is Versha, and I am literally counting down the days to 'Avengers: Endgame' Food and water ran out four days ago

Oxygen will run out tomorrow morning But I also want to slow the passage of time, because I’m not quite ready for the end We are hurtling toward the most anticipated finale of a series in pop culture, arguably since the Harry Potter books We are invested in the characters, their friendships, their trials and tribulations, and of course, their greatest threat of all But first, I want to talk about the two characters who have been at the heart of the MCU, from 2008 to now: Captain America and Iron Man

At the global press conference for 'Endgame,' Chris Evans almost got in trouble for starting to talk about the “completion of Cap’s arc” in the movie He was attempting to do it in a spoiler-free way, but everyone was on high alert about not giving too much awayThe completion of the arc, that's safe to say, right? That this movie provides an ending to– EEENH Judges? Truly it's become a family But you couldn't make it to the birthday last night? I, well, um That right there is just one of the reasons fans are going to miss seeing these two around, years of press junkets together where you can tell they’ve become close friends

Hold on, if we don't play that back, I'm cancelling the press tour But what he was talking about wasn’t REALLY a surprise Marvel fans have known for some time that this is going to be the end of Captain America and Iron Man as we know it, as both the actors’ contracts are up, and Evans especially has been vocal about moving on after this Roll sound! The big question is: will one of them actually die? Fans have been waiting on/fearing this possibility since the announcement of ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ because in the comics, Cap dies in the aftermath of that event At least, temporarily

But movie Cap has so far survived both ‘Civil War’ and ‘Infinity War,’ including Thanos’s punch straight to his head, which also killed him in the comics The theme of sacrifice is woven into both Cap and Iron Man’s storylines in the MCU, and so it makes sense that one of them might make the ultimate sacrifice in the grand finale The first time Steve and Tony fight, in the first Avengers, is a really key scene for both of them Steve has only recently been unfrozen and is very much in his soldier/warrior mindset, while Tony has some daddy issues going on with how much his dad admired Cap, and he’s now being forced to work with him I only knew him when he was young and single

Oh really, you two knew each other? He never mentioned that, except for a thousand times Tony seems to represent everything the old-school Steve hates: he’s flashy, braggy, egotistical Big man in a suit of armor

Take that off, what are you? Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist But the real crux of the scene is when Cap says this: You’re not the one to make the sacrifice play To lay down on a wire and let the other guy crawl over you

I think I would just cut the wire At the end of the 'Avengers,' we see that Tony does indeed make the sacrifice play, when he carries a nuclear bomb into space as the portal back to Earth closes, and he doesn’t know if he’s going to survive But he does, and then there’s shawarma In ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ Tony continues to try to find a way to ‘cut the wire,’ so to speak, to figure out a solution that will protect Earth while allowing the Avengers to retire, or at least not put themselves in harm’s way constantly How about a best case? What if the world was safe? What if next time aliens roll up to the club they couldn't get past the bouncer? What’s noteworthy here is that Tony’s worst nightmare, seen when Scarlet Witch messes with his head, is not being able to save his fellow Avengers, and being the one who’s left behind, feeling responsible

So, not being able to sacrifice himself in order to save his friends You Could've

Saved Us That’s what we call growth Woah-ho-ho-ho! Of course, Tony’s plan goes horribly wrong, his protective bots turn evil, and he ticks off Cap, one of the friends he was trying to save, again

And you did it right here! The Avengers were supposed to be different than SHIELD! Anybody remember when I carried a nuke through a wormhole? No, it's never come up Saved New York? Recall that? The Avengers do end up coming together in order to defeat Ultron, and Tony and Steve seem like they’re buds again, How can you possibly hope to stop me? Like the old man said, together but the continuing character arcs here set up the conflict for ‘Civil War’ Steve hates it when Tony eschews teamwork in favor of going his own way, what he thinks is the smart way Stark! We need a plan of attack! I have a plan

Attack Tony is deeply troubled by the idea of what other threats are out there, and how the Avengers can fend them off successfully, so that they’re not wracked with guilt if they do survive while others around them die Steve thinks they can handle whatever comes their way, together We'll lose Then we'll do that together too

In ‘Civil War,’ these differing points of view clash in spectacular fashion The government forces them to make a choice: submit to regulation by an international council, retire as superheroes, or be found in violation of the law We’ve been talking a lot about sacrifice so far, but there’s another key theme for Steve and Tony that goes hand in hand with that: choices — the choice of sacrifice There’s a thread in ‘The First Avenger,’ Cap’s origin story, that is still very relevant to him 70 years later When he thinks his BFF Bucky Barnes has died, his love interest, Peggy Carter, attempts to console him in a pretty compelling way

Did you believe in your friend? Did you respect him? Then stop blaming yourself Allow Barnes the dignity of his choice She’s talking about the dignity of Bucky’s choice to sacrifice himself for a mission, and a leader, he believed in Later, when Cap decides to sacrifice HIMSELF in order to save New York from annihilation, he reflects Peggy’s words back at her Peggy

This is my choice While Steve doesn’t actually end up physically dying, his life in the 1940s is over He may survive like Iron Man does at the end of ‘Avengers 1,’ but he’s definitely sacrificed: he loses the ability to have a life with Peggy

While he can’t grow old with her, he is able to reunite with her later in life It is Peggy, who taught him about the dignity of choice and the measure of sacrifice in the first place, who keeps motivating him even after she dies, through the events of ‘Civil War’ She said "compromise where you can, but where you can't, don't It is your duty to plant yourself like a tree, look them in the eye and say 'no, you move'" This is one of the reasons the trailers for ‘Endgame’ are so haunting, and moving: Peggy’s voice features prominently in them

They’ve taken a clip from when Peggy speaks to Steve in 'Winter Soldier,' and adapted it for the events of 'Infinity War' All we can do is our best, and sometimes the best we can do is start over Now there’s a lot of speculation about what the inclusion of this old voiceover means for ‘Endgame’ My immediate thought was that it confirms the Avengers will attempt to use the Quantum Realm or the Infinity Stones to travel in time and redo certain established events of past movies, including the Snappening Starting over, as Peggy says

We know from 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' that there IS such a thing as a time vortex in the Quantum Realm, Don't get sucked into a time vortex We won't be able to save you and we know the Time Stone and Reality Stones can change, well, time and reality Dormammu! Dormammu Dormammu? Thematically, just based on what we know of the Avengers’ arcs so far, and what little the actors have been able to say at press conferences, we can safely say the ideas of choice and sacrifice will play a significant role in ‘Endgame’ for Steve and Tony

“We don’t trade lives” became a maxim of the superheroes in ‘Infinity War,’ and there may yet be a way to “cut the wire” that avoids one or both of them having to die But the stakes are high This is the fight of our lives He's pretty good at that Right?! In addition to finding out how it all ends, one of the things I’m most looking forward to is seeing Steve and Tony reunited

They were kept apart for the events of ‘Infinity War,’ and as it has in the past, their teamwork and leadership together will ultimately make them more formidable against Thanos They challenge each other and make each other better I'm not afraid of you, old man Put on the suit Put on the suit! Yeah

As for my wish for the ending? If Cap has to go, and there is time travel involved, I’d like to see some version of him going back in the past to be and maybe even grow old with Peggy To finally get that dance It would be a 'Doctor Who'-esque ending, and yes, timelines can get very messy Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey but I’d be willing to suspend disbelief for it

It’s better than watching my favorite character die As for Iron Man, as fitting as I think it could be for him to make the ultimate sacrifice, I wouldn’t hate it if he’s allowed to keep making cameos in future Spider-Man movies Is it so bad to want some version of the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ ending where Batman ACTUALLY gets to retire and fly off into the sunset/Italy? If dark and brooding Christopher Nolan can do it, so can the Russo Brothers! I guarantee you there is no way anybody could guess what's gonna happen Alright, fine But if we can’t predict it, does that mean it’s definitely not going to be this? Uh

Marvel saw the post about how Ant-Man could defeat Thanos by crawling into his ass and instantly growing in size, and that's why they didn't put him in the movie, send Tweet Umm Hey, whatever it takes Notes Cap – choices/free will (what Peggy says to him after they thought Bucky died; “it’s my choice” before putting the ship with the Tesseract in the water; “they said we won the war, they didnt’ say what we lost” in Avengers 1; soldier fighting in Fury’s war, same blood on his hands; going rogue in The Winter Soldier; “you move” in Civil War, “we don’t trade lives” argument with Vision) – given the prominence that Peggy Carter’s voiceover has in the Endgame trailers, I can’t help but think the most pivotal conversations we’ve seen them have on screen will shape his fate in Endgame Sidenote – did you know the ship name for Steve and Tony in MCU fandom is STONY? As fun as it might be for some people to imagine the two as more than a bromance, Steve and Tony’s love interests in the MCU are real driving forces behind their decisions Pepper and Peggy Conclusion: They challenge each other

They make each other better Whatever it takes I understood that reference? **** Let’s pour one out for Steve’s beard Gone too soon Include Interview clips with CE, RDJ, Russo Bros, Kevin Feige Memes themes and that ant-man scheme How much talk about the threads of the movie + real life impacts + easter eggs that you missed + how do we think will tease it out in the last movie Paul Rudd commenting on the Ant-Man theory https://twitter

com/aufan1983/status/1111705213491134464?s=12 https://twittercom/filmgloss/status/1020660381105250310?lang=en Don’t write off fandom – AO3 nominated for a Hugo Last time we’re going to see a Stan Lee cameo? Truly the end of an era Next ones: Russo Bros and “event storytelling” For the past 11 years, I’ve been basically rewatching the MCU movies on loop, using the release of each new film as a chance to revisit the previous phases Especially Winter Soldier Let’s remember where we were in 2008 when Iron Man came out Iron Man and Anxiety even though Vision correctly pointed out that Steve had traded his life before

(clip: “Captain, 70 years ago you laid your life down on the line, tell me why is this any different” “Because you might have a choice”) TKTK – speculation on what the VO in the trailer means, tie it to back to Steve/Tony and sacrifices Bucky / Steve you didn’t have a choice

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